Colony of Membranipora membranacea, from Frank Emil Moen & Erling Svensen.

Belongs within: Cheilostomata.

The Membraniporidae are a family of cheilostome bryozoans with poorly calcified frontal walls and generally monomorphic zooids, and a twinned ancestrula (the initial pair of zooids in the colony) (Taylor & Monks 1997). The sea-mat Membranipora membranacea is widespread in temperate regions of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, where it grows encrusting large algae such as kelp. This species has become a notable invasive species in some regions.

    |--Acanthodesia Canu & Bassler 1920 THG01
    |--Jellyella Taylor & Monks 1997 THG01
    |    |--*J. eburnea (Hincks 1891) [=Membranipora eburnea] THG01
    |    `--J. tuberculata (Bosc 1802) [=Flustra tuberculata, Membranipora tuberculata, Nichtina tuberculata] THG01
    |--Biflustra d’Orbigny 1852 THG01
    |    |--*B. ramosa (d’Orbigny 1852) [=Membranipora ramosa] THG01
    |    |--B. reticulata Tilbrook, Hayward & Gordon 2001 THG01
    |    `--B. savartii (Audouin 1826) [=Flustra savartii] THG01
    `--Membranipora de Blainville 1830 THG01
         |--M. ansiopoma R96
         |--M. arborescens J79
         |--M. hyadesi R79
         |--M. membranacea (Linne 1767) L70
         |--M. pilosa H15
         |--M. tenella Hincks 1880 [=Electra tenella] THG01
         `--M. wilsonensis Etheridge 1902 F71

*Type species of generic name indicated


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