Male body shape, first femur and tibia, and parameres of aedeagus of Laena yodai, from Schawaller (2002).

Belongs within: Tenebrionidae.

Laena is a large genus of tenebrionid beetles found from eastern Europe to south-east Asia. Laena and closely related genera are distinguished from other tenebrionids by the absence of defensive glands on abdominal segments 7 and 8 (Schawaller 1998).

    |--L. alpina Kaszab 1977 K77
    |--L. augur Kaszab 1973 K77
    |--L. bembidion Kaszab 1973 K77
    |--L. broscosomoides Kaszab 1977 K77
    |--L. coniceps Kaszab 1973 K77
    |--L. consimilis Kaszab 1973 K77
    |--L. crenulicollis Kaszab 1977 K77
    |--L. dampaensis Kaszab 1975 K77
    |--L. dedita Kaszab 1973 K77
    |--L. dhorpatanica Kaszab 1977 K77
    |--L. franzi Kaszab 1973 K77
    |--L. franziana Kaszab 1973 K77
    |--L. freudei Kaszab 1961 K77
    |--L. fulunga Kaszab 1973 K77
    |--L. goetzi Kaszab 1970 K77
    |--L. herbertfranzi Kaszab 1973 K77
    |--L. incomperta Kaszab 1973 K77
    |--L. jumlana Kaszab 1975 K77
    |--L. khumbuana Kaszab 1977 K77
    |--L. loricera Kaszab 1973 K77
    |--L. luprops Kaszab 1973 K77
    |--L. mandli Kaszab 1975 K77
    |--L. martensi Kaszab 1973 K77
    |--L. nepalensis (Jedlička 1965) [=Ebertia nepalensis] K77
    |--L. ocys Kaszab 1973 K77
    |--L. oedipus Kaszab 1977 K77
    |--L. opacicollis Kaszab 1970 K77
    |--L. parateneta Kaszab 1973 K77
    |--L. pokharana Kaszab 1973 K77
    |--L. prehimalayica Kaszab 1977 K77
    |--L. pseudofranzi Kaszab 1975 K77
    |--L. rhododendri Kaszab 1977 K77
    |--L. schusteriana Kaszab 1973 K77
    |--L. silvicola Kaszab 1973 K77
    |--L. sparsepunctata Kaszab 1970 K77
    |--L. strigosa Kaszab 1973 K77
    |--L. studiosa Kaszab 1973 K77
    |--L. subalpina Kaszab 1977 K77
    |--L. subcoeca Kaszab 1973 K77
    |--L. tachysoides Kaszab 1973 K77
    |--L. takolana Kaszab 1973 K77
    |--L. thodunga Kaszab 1973 K77
    |--L. yodai Kaszab 1950 K77
    `--L. zurstrasseni Kaszab 1977 K77

*Type species of generic name indicated


[K77] Kaszab, Z. 1977. Tenebrionidae der Nepal-Expeditionen von Dr. J. Martens (1969-1974) (Insecta: Coleoptera). Senckenbergiana Biologica 57 (4-6): 241-283.

Schawaller, W. 1998. Borneolaena gen.n. riedeli sp.n. from Sarawak, the first species of Laenini (Coleoptera: Tenebrionidae) from the Sunda Islands. Stuttgarter Beiträge zur Naturkunde Serie A (Biologie) 575: 1-8.

Schawaller, W. 2002. The genus Laena Latreille in Nepal, with taxonomic and faunistic notes on species from the adjacent Himalayas (Coleoptera: Tenebrionidae). Stuttgarter Beiträge zur Naturkunde Serie A (Biologie) 641: 1-69.

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