The tuning fork bryozoan Crisina radians, photographed by B. N. Sullivan.

Belongs within: Stenolaemata.
Contains: Tubulipora.

The Acamptostega is a suborder of cyclostome bryozoans defined by having an external body wall constituted entirely by the gymnocyst, without any external living tissue, and lacking flexible joints in the skeleton (Harmer 1930). Being therefore defined by the absence of derived features found in other cyclostomes, their monophyly is somewhat suspect.

    |--Corymboporidae H30
    |--Fascigeridae H30
    |--Frondipora H15 [Frondiporidae H30]
    |    `--F. verrucosa [incl. Retepora reticulata] H15
    |--Entalophora Lamouroux 1821 H15 [Entalophoridae H30, Entalophoridea]
    |    |--E. delicatula (Busk 1875) (see below for synonymy) H15
    |    |--E. intricaria (Busk 1875) [=Pustulopora intricaria] H15
    |    |--E. proboscidea (Milne Edwards 1838) (see below for synonymy) H15
    |    |--E. proboscidioides H15
    |    `--E. virgula H15
    |--Berenicea Lamouroux 1821 H15 (see below for synonymy)
    |    |--‘Diastopora’ fasciculata H15
    |    |--B. lineata (MacGillivray 1885) (see below for synonymy) H15
    |    |--B. patina H15
    |    |--B. prominens H15
    |    |--B. sarniensis (Norman 1864) [=Diastopora sarniensis; incl. D. sarniensis var. perangusta] H15
    |    `--B. suborbicularis H15
    `--Tubuliporidae [Idmoneidae, Tubuliporina] H30
         |--Tubulipora H15
         |--Proboscina boryi H15
         |--Stomatopora H15
         |--Tervia Jullien 1883 H15
         |    |--T. irregularis [incl. T. discreta, T. folini, T. solida] H15
         |    `--T. jellyae Harmer 1915 H15
         |--Filisparsa d’Orbigny 1853 H15
         |    |--‘Hornera’ tubulosa [=H. violacea var. tubulosa] H15
         |    `--F. varians H15
         |--Reptotubigera d’Orbigny 1853 [=Obelia Lamouroux 1821 (preoc.)] H15
         |    |--R. marginata H15
         |    |--R. neocomiensis H15
         |    |--R. philippsae Harmer 1915 H15
         |    |--R. ramosa H15
         |    |--R. serpens H15
         |    `--‘Obelia’ tubulifera H15
         `--Crisina d’Orbigny 1853 H15
              |--C. hochstetteriana H15
              |--C. normaniana H15
              |--C. radians (Lamk 1816) [=Retepora radians, Idmonea radians] H15
              |--C. ramosa [=Idmonea ramosa] H15
              |--C. subgradata H15
              |--C. triangularis H15
              `--C. unipora [=Idmonea unipora] H15

Berenicea Lamouroux 1821 H15 [incl. Diastopora Waters 1914 H15, Liripora MacGillivray 1887 H15; Diastoporidae H30]

Berenicea lineata (MacGillivray 1885) [=Diastopora lineata, Discotubigera lineata, Liripora lineata; incl. Diastopora bicolor MacGillivray 1885, L. bicolor] H15

Entalophora delicatula (Busk 1875) [=Pustulopora delicatula, Pustulipora (l. c.) delicatula; incl. Pustulipora (l. c.) fragilis Haswell 1880, Entalophora fragilis, E. wasinensis Waters 1914] H15

Entalophora proboscidea (Milne Edwards 1838) [=Pustulopora proboscidea, Pustulipora (l. c.) proboscidea; incl. Entalophora indica d’Orbigny 1853] H15

*Type species of generic name indicated


[H15] Harmer, S. F. 1915. The Polyzoa of the Siboga Expedition – Part I. Entoprocta, Ctenostomata and Cyclostomata. E. J. Brill: Leyden.

[H30] Harmer, S. F. 1930. Presidential address. Proceedings of the Linnean Society of London 141: 68-118.

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