Colony of Beania hirtissima, from here.

Belongs within: Cheilostomata.

Beaniidae is a family of bryozoans forming reticulate sheets or diffuse uniserial colonies, loosely attached to their substratum or attached by rhizoids (Tilbrook et al. 2001). The frontal surface of the autozooids is generally membranous.

    |--Bugulella clavata Hincks 1887 THG01
    `--Beania Johnston 1840 THG01
         |--*B. mirabilis Johnston 1840 THG01
         |--B. cookae Tilbrook, Hayward & Gordon 2001 THG01
         |--B. discodermiae Harmer 1926 THG01
         |--B. hexamicorum Tilbrook, Hayward & Gordon 2001 THG01
         |--B. hirtissima M62
         |--B. intermedia (Hincks 1881) THG01
         |--B. klugei Cook 1968 [=Bugula klugei] THG01
         `--B. petiolata Harmer 1926 THG01

*Type species of generic name indicated


[M62] Monniot, F. 1962. Recherches sur les graviers a Amphioxus de la région de Banyuls-sur-Mer. Vie et Milieu 13: 231-322.

[THG01] Tilbrook, K. J., P. J. Hayward & D. P. Gordon. 2001. Cheilostomatous Bryozoa from Vanuatu. Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society 131: 35-109.

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