Chrysopodes (Chrysopodes)

Diagnostic figures of Chrysopodes (Chrysopodes) copia, from Freitas & Penny (2001).

Belongs within: Chrysopini.

Chrysopodes is a genus of green lacewings found from southern North America (Florida and Mexico) to Argentina. It is defined by features of the male genitalia, namely the lack of a tignum and gonapsis, and presence of gonarcus with arcessus reduced to a curved, triangular, apically tapered sclerite. Within the genus, the subgenus Chrysopodes has long and scythe-like mandibles (Freitas & Penny 2001).

Chrysopodes Navás 1913 (Chrysopodes) FP01
    |--C. (C.) adynatos de Freitas & Penny 2001 FP01
    |--C. (C.) copia de Freitas & Penny 2001 FP01
    |--C. (C.) crocinus de Freitas & Penny 2001 FP01
    |--C. (C.) delicata de Freitas & Penny 2001 FP01
    |--C. (C.) elongata de Freitas & Penny 2001 FP01
    |--C. (C.) indentata Adams & Penny 1987 FP01
    |--C. (C.) lineafrons Adams & Penny 1987 FP01
    |--C. (C.) nigropicta de Freitas & Penny 2001 FP01
    |--C. (C.) polygonica Adams & Penny 1987 FP01
    |--C. (C.) spinella Adams & Penny 1987 FP01
    `--C. (C.) victoriae FP01

*Type species of generic name indicated


[FP01] Freitas, S. de, & N. D. Penny. 2001. The green lacewings (Neuroptera: Chrysopidae) of Brazilian agro-ecosystems. Proceedings of the California Academy of Sciences 52: 245-395.

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