Little big-eared bat Micronycteris megalotis, photographed by Jorge H. Velandia-Perilla.

Belongs within: Noctilionoidea.
Contains: Glossophagini, Stenodermatini.

The Phyllostominae are an assemblage of bats found in the New World. Its members are united by a degree of uterine fusion, with the separate uterine horns at most 1/4 the length of the common uterine body (Hood & Smith 1982). In the subclade containing the tribes Phyllostomini, Glossophagini and Stenodermini, the uterus has become entirely simple, with no internal division between uterine horns. These three tribes are also united to the exclusion of the basal genera Macrotus and Micronycteris by chromosomal and immunological characteristics (Baker et al. 1989), and some classifications have restricted the Phyllostominae to this smaller clade.

<==Phyllostominae [Brachyphyllina, Lonchoronina, Phyllostomatinae]
    |  i. s.: Notonycteris KJ70
    |--+--Macrotus Gray 1843 HS82, M07 [incl. Otopterus Lydekker in Flower & Lydekker 1891 M07; Macrotinae]
    |  |    |--M. californicus [=M. waterhousii californicus] DB74
    |  |    |--‘Otopterus’ pygmaeus M07
    |  |    `--M. waterhousii HS82 [=*Otopterus waterhousii] M07
    |  |         |--M. w. waterhousii RB07
    |  |         |--M. w. bulleri Allen 1890 MB86
    |  |         `--M. w. mexicanus RB07
    |  `--Micronycteris Gray 1866 HS82, C57 (see below for synonymy)
    |       |  i. s.: M. daviesi IT07
    |       |         M. microtis M07
    |       |         M. schmidtorum IT07
    |       |--M. (Micronycteris) C57
    |       |    |--*M. (M.) megalotis (Gray 1842) [=Phyllophora megalotis, Mimon megalotis, Schizostoma megalotis] C57
    |       |    |    |--M. m. megalotis (see below for synonymy) C57
    |       |    |    `--M. m. mexicana Miller 1898 MB86
    |       |    `--M. (M.) minuta (Gervais 1856) [=Schizostoma minutum; incl. M. hypoleuca Allen 1900] C57
    |       |--M. (Glyphonycteris Thomas 1896) C57
    |       |    |--M. (*G.) sylvestris C57
    |       |    `--M. (G.) behni (Peters 1865) [=Schizostoma behni] C57
    |       |--M. (Lampronycteris Sanborn 1949) C57
    |       |    `--M. (L.) brachyotis (Dobson 1878) G69 (see below for synonymy)
    |       |--M. (Neonycteris Sanborn 1949) C57
    |       |    `--M. (*N.) pusilla Sanborn 1949 C57
    |       |--M. (Trinycteris Sanborn 1949) C57
    |       |    `--M. (*T.) nicefori Sanborn 1949 C57
    |       `--M. (Xenoctenes Miller 1907) C57
    |            `--M. (*X.) hirsutus (Peters 1869) [=Schizostoma hirsutum, Xenoctenes hirsutus] C57
    `--+--+--Glossophagini HS82
       |  `--Stenodermatini HS82
       `--Phyllostomini BHH89
            |  i. s.: Lonchorhina Tomes 1863 BHH89, C57 [Lonchorhinina]
            |           |--*L. aurita Tomes 1863 C57
            |           |--L. fernandezi IT07
            |           |--L. marinkellei IT07
            |           `--L. orinocensis IT07
            |         Macrophyllum Gray 1838 BHH89, C57 (see below for synonymy)
            |           `--M. macrophyllum (Wied in Schinz 1821) (see below for synonymy) C57
            |--Tonatia Gray 1827 PB78, C57 (see below for synonymy)
            |    |--*T. bidens (Spix 1823) (see below for synonymy) C57
            |    |--T. brasiliensis (Peters 1866) [=Lophostoma brasiliense, T. brasiliense] C57
            |    |--T. carrikeri (Allen 1910) [=Chrotopterus carrikeri] C57
            |    |--T. evotis M-M01
            |    |--T. minuta Goodwin 1942 C57
            |    |--T. saurophila Koopman & Williams 1951 AC98
            |    |--T. schulzi IT07
            |    |--T. silvicola (d’Orbigny 1836) K92 [=*Lophostoma sylvicolum M07, C57, Phyllostoma silvicola C57]
            |    |    |--T. s. silvicola C57 (see below for synonymy)
            |    |    `--T. s. laephotis Thomas 1910 C57
            |    `--T. venezuelae (Robinson & Lyon 1901) [=Lophostoma venezuelae] C57
            `--+--Mimon Gray 1847 PB78, C57
               |    |--*M. (Mimon) bennettii (Gray 1838) (see below for synonymy) C57
               |    |    |--M. b. bennettii G69
               |    |    `--M. b. cozumelae G69
               |    `--M. (Anthorhina Lydekker in Flower & Lydekker 1891) C57
               |         |--M. (*A.) crenulatum (Geoffroy 1810) (see below for synonymy) C57
               |         |--M. (A.) longifolium (Wagner 1843) [=Phyllostoma longifolium, Tylostoma longifolium] C57
               |         |--M. (A.) peruanum (Thomas 1923) [=Anthorhina peruana] C57
               |         `--M. (A.) picatum (Thomas 1903) [=Anthorhina picata] C57
               `--Phyllostomus Lacépède 1799 HS82, C57 (see below for synonymy)
                    |--*P. hastatus Pallas 1767 C57, I92 [=Vespertilio hastatus C57, Phyllostoma hastatum C57]
                    |    |--P. h. hastatus [incl. Phyllostoma maximus Wied 1821] C57
                    |    |--P. h. aruma Thomas 1924 C57
                    |    |--P. h. curaca Cabrera 1917 C57
                    |    `--P. h. panamensis Allen 1904 (see below for synonymy) C57
                    |--P. discolor Wagner 1843 [=Phyllostoma discolor] K06
                    |    |--P. d. discolor (see below for synonymy) K06
                    |    `--P. d. verrucosus Elliot 1905 [=Phyllostoma verrucossum] K06
                    |--P. elongatus Geoffroy 1810 C57 (see below for synonymy)
                    |--P. latifolius Thomas 1901 [=Phyllostoma latifolium] C57
                    `--P. stenops (Peters 1865) [=Phylloderma stenops; incl. Guandira cayanensis Gray 1866] C57

Macrophyllum Gray 1838 BHH89, C57 [=Mesophyllum (l. c.) C57; incl. Dolichophyllum Lydekker in Flower & Lydekker 1891 C57; Macrophyllina]

Macrophyllum macrophyllum (Wied in Schinz 1821) [=Phyllostoma macrophyllum, *Dolichophyllum macrophyllum; incl. *Macrophyllum nieuwiedii Gray 1828, M. neuwiedii] C57

Micronycteris Gray 1866 PB78, C57 [incl. Schizostoma Gervais 1856 nec Bronn 1835 nec Schlaeter 1838 nec Lea 1843 C57, Schizastoma (l. c.) C57, Vampirella Reinhardt 1872 non Cienkowsky 1865 C57]

Micronycteris (Lampronycteris) brachyotis (Dobson 1878) G69 [=Schizostoma brachyotis C57, M. (Glyphonycteris) brachyotis C57; incl. M. (*Lampronycteris) platyceps Sanborn 1949 G69, C57]

*Micronycteris (Micronycteris) megalotis megalotis (Gray 1842) [incl. Phyllostoma elongata Gray 1842 non Geoffroy 1810, P. elongatum non Geoffroy 1810, Schizostoma elongatum, P. scrobiculatum Wagner 1855] C57

Mimon (*Anthorhina) crenulatum (Geoffroy 1810) [=Phyllostoma crenulatum, Anthorhina crenulata, Tylostoma crenulatum] C57

*Mimon (Mimon) bennettii (Gray 1838) [=Phyllostoma bennettii; incl. Vampyrus auricularis Saussure 1860] C57

Phyllostomus Lacépède 1799 PB78, C57 [=Phyllostoma Cuvier 1800 C57; incl. Alectops Gray 1866 C57, Guandira Gray 1866 C57, Phylloderma Peters 1865 BHH89, C57]

Phyllostomus discolor discolor Wagner 1843 [incl. Phyllostoma angusticeps Gervais 1855, Phyllostoma innominatum Tschudi 1844] K06

Phyllostomus elongatus Geoffroy 1810 C57 [=Phyllostoma elongatum C57; incl. *Alectops ater Gray 1866 M07, C57]

Phyllostomus hastatus panamensis Allen 1904 [incl. P. h. caucae Allen 1916, P. h. caurae Allen 1904, P. h. paeze Thomas 1924] C57

Tonatia Gray 1827 PB78, C57 [incl. Lophostoma d’Orbigny 1836 C57, Tylostoma Gervais 1855 non Sharpe 1849 C57]

*Tonatia bidens (Spix 1823) [=Vampyrus bidens, Lophostoma bidens, Phyllostoma bidens; incl. Phyllostoma childreni Gray 1838, Tylostoma childreni] C57

Tonatia silvicola silvicola (d’Orbigny 1836) K92 [incl. P. amblyotis Wagner 1843 C57, Lophostoma amblotis C57, Vampyrus (Lophostoma) amblyotis C57, Tonatia amblyotis C57, Chrotopterus columbianus Anthony 1920 C57, Phyllostoma midas Natterer in Pelzeln 1883 (n. n.) C57]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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