Long-tongued nectar bat Glossophaga soricina, photographed by Julius Kramer.

Belongs within: Phyllostominae.

The Glossophagini are an assemblage of New World bats united by immunological studies (Baker et al. 1989). With the exception of the basal Brachyphylla, members of the Glossophagini have elongate muzzles and highly extensible tongues. The genera Phyllonycteris, Erophylla and Reithronycteris are distinguished from other glossophagins by their long and narrow lower molars, on which the cusps have become completely indistinct, leading them to be recognised in the past as a distinct group Phyllonycterinae (Miller 1907).

<==Glossophagini [Brachyphyllinae, Glossophagae, Glossophagina, Glossophaginae]
    |  i. s.: Scleronycteris Thomas 1912 BHH89, C57
    |           `--*S. ega Thomas 1912 C57
    |--Brachyphylla Gray 1834 HB82, M07 [Brachyphyllini]
    |    |--*B. cavernarum M07
    |    `--B. nana M07
    `--+--Phyllonycterinae KJ70
       |    |--Phyllonycteris Gundlach 1865 HB82, M07
       |    |    |--*P. poeyi M07
       |    |    |--P. aphylla IT07
       |    |    |--P. major Anthony 1917 AC98
       |    |    |--P. obtusa BP87
       |    |    `--P. santacristobalensis Elliot 1905 S69
       |    |--Erophylla Miller 1906 M07
       |    |    |--E. sezekorni S-CK06
       |    |    |    |--E. s. sezekorni S-CK06
       |    |    |    `--*E. s. bombifrons M07, S-CK06 [=Phyllonycteris bombifrons M07]
       |    |    |--E. planifrons M07
       |    |    `--E. santacristobalensis M07
       |    `--Reithronycteris Miller 1898 [=Rhithronycteris Elliot 1904] M07
       |         `--*R. aphylla M07
       `--+--+--Lionycteris Thomas 1913 G83, C57
          |  |    `--*L. spurrelli Thomas 1913 C57
          |  |--Platalina Thomas 1828 G83, C57
          |  |    `--*P. genovensium Thomas 1928 C57
          |  `--Lonchophylla Thomas 1903 G83, C57 [Lonchophyllinae]
          |       |--*L. mordax Thomas 1903 C57
          |       |--L. bokermanni IT07
          |       |--L. dekeyseri IT07
          |       |--L. handleyi IT07
          |       |--L. hesperia Allen 1908 C57
          |       |--L. robusta Miller 1912 C57
          |       `--L. thomasi Allen 1904 C57
          `--+--Lichonycteris Thomas 1895 HB82, C57
             |    |--*L. obscura Thomas 1895 C57
             |    `--L. degener Miller 1931 C57
             |--Monophyllus Leach 1821 HB82, M07
             |    |--*M. redmani M07
             |    |--M. luciae JP84
             |    `--M. plethodon IT07
             |--Glossophaga Geoffroy 1818 HB82, C57 (see below for synonymy)
             |    |--*G. soricina (Pallas 1766) C57 (see below for synonymy)
             |    |    |--G. s. soricina C57 (see below for synonymy)
             |    |    |--G. s. handleyi Webster & Jones 1980 MB86
             |    |    |--G. s. leachii G69
             |    |    `--G. s. valens Miller 1913 C57
             |    |--G. alticola G69
             |    |--G. antillarum M07
             |    |--G. commissarisi Gardner 1962 G69
             |    |--G. elongata M07
             |    |--G. longirostris Miller 1898 C57
             |    |    |--G. l. longirostris C57
             |    |    `--G. l. apolinari Allen 1916 C57
             |    |--G. morenoi IT07
             |    `--G. mutica M07
             `--+--Leptonycteris Lydekker in Flower & Lydekker 1891 HB82, M07 (see below for synonymy)
                |    |--*L. nivalis (Saussure 1860) M07, MB86 (see below for synonymy)
                |    |--L. curasoae Miller 1900 [=L. nivalis curasoae] DC62
                |    `--L. sanborni Hoffmeister 1957 [=L. nivalis sanborni] DC62
                `--+--Anoura Gray 1838 HB82, C57 (see below for synonymy)
                   |    |--*A. geoffroyi Gray 1838 [=Glossonycteris geoffroyi] C57
                   |    |    |--A. g. geoffroyi MB86
                   |    |    |--A. g. lasiopyga (Peters 1868) MB86 [=*Glossonycteris lasiopyga M07]
                   |    |    `--A. g. peruana (Tschudi 1844) C57 [=*Rhinchonycteris peruana M07]
                   |    |--A. caudifera (Geoffroy 1818) C57 [=Glossophaga caudifer C57, *Lonchoglossa caudifera M07]
                   |    |    |--A. c. caudifera (see below for synonymy) C57
                   |    |    `--A. c. aequatoris (Lönnberg 1921) (see below for synonymy) C57
                   |    |--A. cultrata IT07
                   |    `--A. latidens IT07
                   `--+--Choeroniscus Thomas 1928 HB82, C57
                      |    |--*C. minor (Peters 1868) [=Choeronycteris minor] C57
                      |    |--C. godmani G69
                      |    |--C. inca (Thomas 1912) [=Choeronycteris inca] C57
                      |    |--C. intermedius (Allen & Chapman 1893) [=Choeronycteris intermedia] C57
                      |    `--C. periosus IT07
                      `--+--Hylonycteris Thomas 1903 HB82, M07
                         |    `--*H. underwoodi M07
                         `--+--Musonycteris harrisoni Schaldach & McLaughlin 1960 HB82, G69
                            `--Choeronycteris Tschudi 1844-1846 HB82, M07 [=Choernycteris (l. c.) M07]
                                 |--*C. mexicana Tschudi 1844 M07, MB86 [=Glossophaga (*Choeronycteris) mexicana M07]
                                 `--C. godmani M07

Anoura Gray 1838 HB82, C57 [=Anura Agassiz 1846 C57; incl. Glossonycteris Peters 1868 C57, Lonchoglossa Peters 1868 C57, Rhinchonycteris Tschudi 1844 C57]

Anoura caudifera aequatoris (Lönnberg 1921) [=Lonchoglossa wiedi aequatoris, L. caudifera aequatoris] C57

Anoura caudifera caudifera (Geoffroy 1818) [incl. Glossophaga ecaudata Geoffroy 1818, Lonchoglossa ecaudata, Anura wiedii Peters 1869, L. wiedii] C57

Glossophaga Geoffroy 1818 HB82, C57 [incl. Nicon Gray 1847 C57, Phyllophora Gray 1838 non Thunberg 1812 C57]

*Glossophaga soricina (Pallas 1766) C57 [=Vespertilio soricinus C57, Phyllostoma soricinum C57; incl. *Nicon caudifer M07]

*Glossophaga soricina soricina (Pallas 1766) C57 [incl. G. amplexicauda Geoffroy 1818 C57, G. amplexicaudata C57, *Phyllophora amplexicaudata M07, G. soricina microtis Miller 1913 C57, Phyllophora nigra Gray 1843 C57, G. truei Allen 1897 C57]

Leptonycteris Lydekker in Flower & Lydekker 1891 HB82, M07 [incl. Ischnoglossa Saussure 1860 non Kraatz 1856 M07]

*Leptonycteris nivalis (Saussure 1860) M07, MB86 [=Ischnoglossa nivalis M07; incl. L. nivalis longala Stains 1957 DC62, L. nivalis yerbabuenae Martinez & Villa 1940 DC62]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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