Jamaican fruit-eating bat Artibeus jamaicensis, photographed by Merlin Tuttle.

Belongs within: Phyllostominae.

The Stenodermatini are an assemblage of New World bats united by immunological and (for most genera) chromosomal data, as well as by a modified placement of the ovarian ligament in females (Baker et al. 1989). The wrinkle-faced bats of the genus Centurio differ from other stenodermatins in having a greatly foreshortened snout, with the nares positioned on the skull directly above the upper incisors and only two pairs of upper and lower molars. Other stenodermatins retain three pairs of both upper and lower molars, and the nares are distinctly set back from the upper incisors (Miller 1907).

<==Stenodermatini [Centurioninae, Stenodermata, Stenodermina, Stenoderminae, Sturnirinae]
    |--Stenoderma Geoffroy 1813 [incl. Histiops Peters 1869] M07
    |    `--*S. rufum [incl. Artibaeus undatus, *Histiops undatus] M07
    |--Phyllops Peters 1865 BHH89, M07
    |    `--P. falcatus [=Artibeus falcatus; incl. Phyllostoma albomaculatum, *Phyllops albomaculatus] M07
    |--Sphaeronycteris Peters 1882 BHH89, C57
    |    `--*S. toxophyllum Peters 1882 C57
    |--Vampyriscus Thomas 1900 C57
    |    `--*V. bidens (Dobson 1878) C57 [=Chiroderma bidens C57, Vampyrops (*Vampyriscus) bidens M07]
    |--Ectophylla Allen 1892 BHH89, C57
    |    `--*E. alba M07
    |--Pygoderma Peters 1863 BHH89, C57
    |    `--P. bilabiatum (Wagner 1843) C57 (see below for synonymy)
    |--Corvira Thomas 1915 C57
    |    `--*C. bidens Thomas 1915 C57
    |--Centurio Gray 1842 BHH89, M07 (see below for synonymy)
    |    |--*C. senex M07 [incl. C. (*Trichocoryes) mcmurtii M07, *Trichocorytes macmurtii G66]
    |    `--C. flavigularis H04
    |--Ariteus Gray 1837 BHH89, M07 [incl. Peltorhinus Peters 1876 M07]
    |    |--A. achradophilus [=Artibeus achradophilus, *Peltorhinus achradophilus] M07
    |    `--A. flavescens HS82
    |--Ametrida Gray 1847 BHH89, C57
    |    |--*A. centurio Gray 1847 [=Phyllostoma centurio] C57
    |    `--A. minor Allen 1894 C57
    |--Rhinophylla Peters 1865 BHH89, C57
    |    |--*R. pumilio Peters 1865 C57
    |    |--R. alethina IT07
    |    `--R. fischerae IT07
    |--Vampyrodes Thomas 1900 BHH89, C57
    |    `--*V. caraccioli (Thomas 1889) C57, K92 [=Vampyrops (*Vampyrodes) caraccioli C57]
    |         |--V. c. caraccioli G69
    |         |--V. c. major [=V. carracioloi (l. c.) major] G69
    |         `--V. c. ornatus Thomas 1924 C57
    |--Ardops Miller 1906 BHH89, M07
    |    |--*A. nichollsi [=Stenoderma nichollsi] M07
    |    |--A. annectens JP84
    |    |--A. luciae M07
    |    `--A. montserratensis M07
    |--Carollia Gray 1838 BHH89, C57 [incl. Hemiderma Gervais 1856 C57, Rhinops Gray 1866 C57; Carolliinae]
    |    |--*C. brevicauda (Schinz 1821) C57, K92 (see below for synonymy)
    |    |--C. castanea Allen 1890 [=Hemiderma castaneum] C57
    |    |--C. perspicillata (Linnaeus 1758) K92 (see below for synonymy)
    |    |    |--C. p. perspicillata G69
    |    |    `--C. p. azteca G69
    |    |--C. subrufa (Hahn 1905) K92 [=C. castanea subrufa G69]
    |    `--C. tricolor (Miller 1902) [=Hemiderma tricolor] C57
    |--Uroderma Peters 1865 BHH89, C57
    |    |--U. bilobatum Peters 1866 C57 (see below for synonymy)
    |    |    |--U. b. bilobatum BBA75
    |    |    |--U. b. convexum Lyon 1902 BBA75, C57
    |    |    |--U. b. davisi BBA75
    |    |    |--U. b. molaris BAM72
    |    |    |--U. b. thomasi Sanborn 1948 C57
    |    |    `--U. b. trinitatum BAM72
    |    `--U. magnirostrum BAM72
    |--Vampyressa Thomas 1900 BHH89, C57 [incl. Mesophylla Thomas 1901 BHH89, C57]
    |    |--*V. pusilla (Wagner 1843) C57 (see below for synonymy)
    |    |--V. bidens IT07
    |    |--V. brocki IT07
    |    |--*Mesophylla’ macconnelli Thomas 1901 [=Ectophylla macconnelli] C57
    |    |--V. melissa Thomas 1926 C57
    |    |--V. nymphaea Thomas 1909 C57
    |    |--V. thyone Thomas 1909 [incl. V. minuta Miller 1912] C57
    |    `--V. venilla Thomas 1924 C57
    |--Chiroderma Peters 1860 BHH89, C57 [=Mimetops Gray 1866 (n. n.) C57]
    |    |--*C. villosum Peters 1860 C57 [incl. C. isthmicum G69]
    |    |    |--C. v. villosum G96
    |    |    `--C. v. jesupi Allen 1900 G69, C57
    |    |--C. doriae Thomas 1891 [incl. Phyllostoma dorsale Lund 1842 (n. n.)] C57
    |    |--C. improvisum IT07
    |    |--C. pictum G66
    |    |--C. salvini Dobson 1878 K92
    |    |    |--C. s. salvini MB86
    |    |    `--C. s. scopaeum Handley 1966 MB86
    |    `--C. trinitatum IT07
    |--Vampyrops Peters 1865 BHH89, C57 [incl. Platyrrhinus Saussure 1860 non Fabricius 1801 G69]
    |    |--*V. lineatus (Geoffroy 1810) C57 (see below for synonymy)
    |    |--‘Platyrrhinus’ aurarius IT07
    |    |--‘Platyrrhinus’ brachycephalus IT07
    |    |--‘Platyrrhinus’ chocoensis IT07
    |    |--V. dorsalis Thomas 1900 C57 [=Platyrrhinus dorsalis IT07]
    |    |--V. helleri (Peters 1867) K92 [=Platyrrhinus helleri IT07]
    |    |--V. infuscus Peters 1880 C57 [=Platyrrhinus infuscus IT07; incl. V. fumosus Miller 1902 C57]
    |    |--V. oratus Thomas 1914 C57
    |    |--V. recifinus Thomas 1901 C57 [=Platyrrhinus recifinus IT07]
    |    |--V. umbratus Lyon 1902 C57 [=Platyrrhinus umbratus IT07]
    |    |--V. vittatus (Peters 1860) K92 [=Artibeus vittatus C57, Platyrrhinus vittatus IT07]
    |    `--V. zarhinus Allen 1891 [incl. V. zarhinus incarum Thomas 1812] C57
    |--Sturnira Gray 1842 M-M01, C57 [incl. Nyctiplanus Gray 1849 C57, Sturnirops Goodwin 1938 C57; Sturnirini]
    |    |--S. lilium (Geoffroy 1810) S-HR-AS05 (see below for synonymy)
    |    |--S. aratathomasi S-HR-AS05
    |    |--S. bidens S-HR-AS05
    |    |--S. bogotensis Shamel 1927 S-HR-AS05, C57 [=S. lilium bogotensis C57]
    |    |--S. erythromos (Tschudi 1844) S-HR-AS05, C57 [=Phyllostoma erythromos C57]
    |    |--S. hondurensis Goodwin 1940 S-HR-AS05 [=S. ludovici hondurensis G69]
    |    |--S. ludovici Anthony 1924 C57
    |    |--S. luisi S-HR-AS05
    |    |--S. magna S-HR-AS05
    |    |--S. mistratensis S-HR-AS05
    |    |--S. mordax S-HR-AS05
    |    |--S. nana S-HR-AS05
    |    |--S. oporaphilum (Tschudi 1844) S-HR-AS05, C57 [=Phyllostoma oporophilus C57]
    |    |--S. parvidens Goldman 1917 S-HR-AS05, MB86 [=S. lilium parvidens MB86]
    |    |--S. sorianoi Sánchez-Hernández, Romero-Almaraz & Schnell 2005 S-HR-AS05
    |    |--S. thomasi S-HR-AS05
    |    `--S. tildae S-HR-AS05
    `--Artibeus Leach 1821 M-M01, C57 (see below for synonymy)
         |--*A. jamaicensis Leach 1821 C57, K92
         |    |--A. j. jamaicensis MB86 (see below for synonymy)
         |    |--A. j. fraterculus Anthony 1924 C57
         |    |--A. j. planirostris (Spix 1823) [=Phyllostoma planirostre] C57
         |    |--A. j. triomylus Handley 1966 MB86
         |    `--A. j. yucatanicus G69
         |--A. amplus IT07
         |--A. aztecus G69
         |--A. cinereus (Gervais 1856) K92 [=*Dermanura cinerea M07, C57]
         |    |--A. c. cinereus C57 (see below for synonymy)
         |    |--A. c. anderseni Osgood 1916 C57
         |    |--A. c. bogotensis Andersen 1906 C57
         |    |--A. c. glaucus Thomas 1893 C57
         |    |--A. c. pumilio Thomas 1924 C57
         |    `--A. c. rosenbergi Thomas 1897 (see below for synonymy) C57
         |--A. concolor Peters 1865 C57
         |--A. fimbriatus IT07
         |--A. harti Thomas 1892 [=*Enchisthenes harti] C57
         |--A. hirsutus Andersen 1906 MB86
         |--A. inopinatus IT07
         |--A. lituratus (Olfers 1818) K92 [=Phyllostomus lituratus C57]
         |    |--A. l. lituratus (see below for synonymy) C57
         |    |--A. l. fallax Peters 1865 [=A. planirostris fallax; incl. Uroderma validum Elliot 1907] C57
         |    |--A. l. hercules Rehn 1902 (see below for synonymy) C57
         |    |--A. l. intermedius Allen 1897 MB86
         |    `--A. l. palmarum Allen & Chapman 1897 (see below for synonymy) C57
         |--A. obscurus (Wied 1826) ANG03, C57 [=Phyllostoma obscurum C57]
         |--A. parvipes M07
         |--A. phaeotis [incl. A. turpis] G69
         |--A. toltecus (Saussure 1860) K92
         |    |--A. t. toltecus MB86
         |    `--A. t. hesperus Davis 1969 MB86
         `--A. watsoni M07

Artibeus Leach 1821 M-M01, C57 [=Arctibeus Gray 1838 C57, Artibius Bonaparte 1847 C57, Artibaeus Gervais 1856 C57, Artobius Winge 1892 C57; incl. Dermanura Gervais 1856 C57, Enchisthenes Andersen 1906 BHH89, C57, Madataeus Leach 1821 C57, Medateus Gray in Griffith 1827 C57, Pteroderma Gervais 1856 C57]

Artibeus cinereus cinereus (Gervais 1856) C57 [incl. A. (Dermanura) quadrivittatus Peters 1865 C57, Dermanura quadrivittata P66]

Artibeus cinereus rosenbergi Thomas 1897 [=A. (Dermanura) rosenbergi; incl. Dermatura rava Miller 1902, A. toltecus ravus] C57

*Artibeus jamaicensis jamaicensis Leach 1821 C57, K92 [incl. Art. carpolegus Gosse 1851 C57, Art. coryi Allen 1890 C57, Dermanura eva Cope 1890 C57, Art. insularis Allen 1904 C57, *Madataeus lewisii Leach 1821 M07, C57, Uroderma planirostris Bangs 1900 non Phyllostoma planirostre Spix 1823 C57, Art. jamaicensis richardsoni Allen 1908 C57]

Artibeus lituratus hercules Rehn 1902 [incl. A. jamaicensis aequatorialis Andersen 1906, A. lituratus aequatorialis] C57

Artibeus lituratus lituratus (Olfers 1818) [=Artibeus jamaicensis lituratus; incl. Artibeus grandis Dobson 1878 (n. n.), Phyllostoma perspicillatum Wagner 1840 non Vespertilio perspicillatus Linnaeus 1758, Artibeus perspicillatus, Artobius perspicillatus, Pteroderma perspicillatum, Artibeus rusbyi Allen 1904, Phyllostoma superciliatum Wied 1826] C57

Artibeus lituratus palmarum Allen & Chapman 1897 [=A. jamaicensis palmarum; incl. A. jamaicensis dominicanus Andersen 1908 (n. n.), A. femurvillosum Bangs 1899, A. jamaicensis praeceps Andersen 1906] C57

*Carollia brevicauda (Schinz 1821) C57, K92 [=Phyllostoma brevicaudum C57, Carolina brevicauda C57, *Hemiderma brevicaudum M07, C57]

Carollia perspicillata (Linnaeus 1758) K92 [=Vespertilio perspicillatus C57, Hemiderma perspicillatum M07; incl. Phyllostoma bicolor Wagner 1844 C57, P. brachyotum Burmeister 1854 C57, P. calcaratum Wagner 1843 C57, P. grayi Waterhouse 1838 C57, P. lanceolatum Natterer in Gray 1843 C57, *Rhinops minor Gray 1866 M07, C57, Vampyrus soricinus Spix 1823 C57, Carollia verrucata Gray 1844 C57]

Centurio Gray 1842 BHH89, M07 [incl. Trichocoryes Allen 1861 M07, Trichocoryctes Trouessart 1897 M07, Trichocorytes Gray 1866 M07; Centurionina]

Pygoderma bilabiatum (Wagner 1843) C57 [=Phyllostoma bilabiatum C57, Stenoderma bilabiatum C57; incl. Arctibeus leucomus Gray 1848 C57, Pygoderma leucomum G66, Stenoderma (*Pygoderma) microdon Peters 1863 C57]

Sturnira lilium (Geoffroy 1810) S-HR-AS05 [=Phyllostoma lilium C57; incl. P. albescens Wagner 1843 C57, P. chrysocomos Wagner 1855 C57, Stenoderma (Sturnira) excisum Pelzeln 1883 C57, P. fumarium Wagner 1853 C57, *Nyctiplanus rotundatus Gray 1849 M07, C57, *Sturnira spectrum Gray 1842 M07, C57, Phyllostoma spiculatum Illiger in Lichtenstein 1825 C57, P. vampyrus Schinz 1845 C57]

Uroderma bilobatum Peters 1866 C57 [=Artibeus (Uroderma) bilobatus M07; incl. Phyllostoma personatum Peters 1865 (preoc.) C57, *Uroderma personatum C57]

*Vampyressa pusilla (Wagner 1843) C57 [=Phyllostoma pusillum C57, Chiroderma pusillum C57, Vampyrops (*Vampyressa) pusilla M07]

*Vampyrops lineatus (Geoffroy 1810) C57 [=Phyllostoma lineatum C57, Artibaeus lineatus C57, Artibeus lineatus C57, Platyrrhinus lineatus IT07; incl. V. lineatus sacrillus Thomas 1924 C57]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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