Eastern red bat Lasiurus (Lasiurus) borealis, from here.

Belongs within: Vespertilionidae.
Contains: Plecotus, Scotophilus, Rhogeessa (Rhogeessa), Pipistrellus, Eptesicus, Histiotus, Chalinolobus.

The Vespertilioninae are an assemblage of bats found worldwide. Most members of the group are fairly generalised, with relatively few characters separating the tribes. Members of the Plecotini (the long-eared bats) have the very large ears connected by a fold of skin at the base and touching each other when erect. The Vespertilionini have a more or less shortened face, with two pairs of upper and lower incisors and one or two pairs of upper and lower premolars. The Nycticeiini have only one pair each of upper and lower incisors. Species of Lasiurus, the hairy-tailed bats, have a greatly shortened face with only a single pair of upper and lower incisors and a broad rostrum.

Characters (from Miller 1907): Sternum slender, its entire length considerably more than twice greatest width of presternum; median lobe much smaller than body of presternum; six ribs connected with sternum; seventh cervical vertebra not fused with first dorsal; scapula with coracoid curved outward; nostrils simple, sometimes tubularly elongated, but never margined by special outgrowths; three pairs of lower incisors.

<==Vespertilioninae [Plecotinae]
    |--Plecotini KJ70
    |    |--Plecotus KJ70
    |    |--Euderma Allen 1892 KJ70, M07 [incl. Histiotus Allen 1891 non Gervais 1856 M07]
    |    |    `--*E. maculatum [=Histiotus maculatus] M07
    |    `--Barbastella Gray 1821 KJ70, M07 [incl. Synotus Keyserling & Blasius 1839 M07]
    |         |--*B. barbastellus [=Vespertilio barbastellus] M07
    |         `--B. leucomelas I92
    |              |--B. l. leucomelas I92
    |              `--B. l. darjilingensis (Hodison 1855) I92
    |--Nycticeiini RB07
    |    |--Scotophilus KJ70
    |    |--Scotomanes Dobson 1875 KJ70, M07
    |    |    |--*S. ornatus [=Nycticeus ornatus, Scotophilus (*Scotomanes) ornatus] M07
    |    |    `--S. emarginatus IT07
    |    |--Otonycteris Peters 1859 KJ70, M07
    |    |    |--*O. hemprichii M07
    |    |    `--O. petersi M07
    |    |--Rhogeessa Allen 1866 [=Rhogoessa (l. c.)] RB07
    |    |    |  i. s.: R. velilla Thomas 1903 C57
    |    |    |--R. (Rhogeessa) RB07
    |    |    `--R. (Baeodon Miller 1906) [=Baedon (l. c.)] RB07
    |    |         `--R. (*B.) alleni Thomas 1892 RB07
    |    `--Nycticeius Rafinesque 1819 KJ70, M07 (see below for synonymy)
    |         |--*N. humeralis (Rafinesque 1818) M07, B75 [=Vespertilio humeralis B75]
    |         |--N. balstoni IT07
    |         |--N. cubanus M07
    |         |--N. greyii IT07
    |         |--N. rueppellii IT07
    |         |--N. sanborni IT07
    |         `--N. schlieffeni [=Scoteinus schlieffeni] B78
    |--Lasiurus Gray 1831 KJ70, C57 (see below for synonymy)
    |    |  i. s.: L. brachyotis (Allen 1892) [=Atalapha brachyotis] C57
    |    |         L. castaneus IT07
    |    |         L. cinereus (Palisot de Beauvois 1796) [=Vespertilio linereus (l. c.), V. cinereus] B75
    |    |           |--L. c. cinereus C57
    |    |           |--L. c. semotus BP87
    |    |           `--L. c. villosissimus (Geoffroy 1806) (see below for synonymy) C57
    |    |         L. seminolus IT07
    |    |--L. (Lasiurus) borealis (Müller 1776) B75 (see below for synonymy)
    |    |    |--L. b. borealis MB86
    |    |    |--L. b. blossevillii (Lesson & Garnot 1826) (see below for synonymy) C57
    |    |    |--L. b. frantzii (Peters 1871) [=Atalapha frantzii] C57
    |    |    |--L. b. teliotis (Allen 1891) MB86 [incl. L. borealis ornatus G69]
    |    |    `--L. b. varius (Poeppig 1835) (see below for synonymy) C57
    |    `--L. (Dasypterus Peters 1871) G69, M07
    |         |--L. (*D.) intermedius C57 [=Atalapha (*Dasypterus) intermedius M07]
    |         |--L. (D.) ega G69 [=Nycticejus ega C57, Atalapha (Dasypterus) ega C57, Lasiurus aga (l. c.) C57]
    |         |    |--L. e. ega [incl. L. caudatus Tomes 1857, Atalapha (Dasypterus) caudata] C57
    |         |    |--‘Dasypterus’ e. argentinus Thomas 1901 C57
    |         |    |--L. e. panamensis (Thomas 1901) G69, C57 (see below for synonymy)
    |         |    |--‘Dasypterus’ e. punensis Allen 1914 C57
    |         |    `--L. e. xanthinus (Thomas 1897) MB86
    |         |--L. (D.) egregius (Peters 1871) IT07, C57 [=Atalapha (Dasypterus) egregia C57]
    |         `--‘Dasypterus’ floridanus M07
    `--Vespertilionini KJ70
         |--Samonycteris KJ70
         |--Simonycteris KJ70
         |--Eudiscopus denticulus KJ70, IT07
         |--Pipistrellus KJ70
         |--Eptesicus KJ70
         |--Histiotus KJ70
         |--Chalinolobus KJ70
         |--Mimetillus Thomas 1905 KJ70, M07
         |    `--*M. moloneyi (Thomas 1891) M07, K92 [=Vesperugo moloneyi M07; incl. M. thomasi K92]
         |--Tylonycteris Peters 1872 KJ70, M07
         |    |--*T. pachypus (Temminck 1840) M07, K92 [=Vespertilio pachypus M07]
         |    `--T. robustula IT07
         |--Philetor Thomas 1902 KJ70, M07
         |    |--*P. rohui M07
         |    `--P. brachypterus IT07
         |--Laephotis Thomas 1901 KJ70, M07
         |    |--*L. wintoni M07
         |    |--L. angolensis IT07
         |    |--L. botswanae IT07
         |    `--L. namibensis IT07
         |--Glischropus Dobson 1875 KJ70, M07
         |    |--*G. tylopus [=Vesperugo (*Glischropus) tylopus] M07
         |    |--G. batchianus M07
         |    |--G. javanus IT07
         |    `--G. krefftii M07
         |--Hesperoptenus Peters 1868 KJ70, M07
         |    |--*H. doriae [=Vesperus (*Hesperoptenus) doriae, Vesperugo (*Hesperoptenus) doriae] M07
         |    |--H. blanfordi M07
         |    |--H. gaskelli IT07
         |    |--H. tickelli M07
         |    `--H. tomesi IT07
         |--Nyctalus KJ70
         |    |--N. aviator IT07
         |    |--N. azoreum IT07
         |    |--N. lasiopterus IT07
         |    |--N. leisleri IT07
         |    |--N. montanus Kishida 1931 TYM08
         |    |--N. noctula (Schreber 1774) K92
         |    `--N. nyctalus BP87
         `--Vespertilio Linnaeus 1758 [incl. Marsipolaemus Peters 1872] M07
              |--*V. murinus Linnaeus 1758 M07, K92 (see below for synonymy)
              |--‘Meteorus’ aristippe M07
              |--‘Meteorus’ leucippe M07
              |--V. pictus G66
              |--V. pygmaeus Leach 1825 R64
              |--V. ‘pygmaeus’ Becker 1858 non Leach 1825 R64
              |--‘Meteorus’ savii M07
              `--V. superans M07

Vespertilioninae incertae sedis:
  Ia Thomas 1902 M07
    `--*I. io M07
  Rhinopterus Miller 1906 M07
    `--*R. floweri [=Glauconycteris floweri] M07
  Scotoecus Thomas 1901 M07
    |--*S. albofuscus [=Scotophilus albofuscus] M07
    |--S. hindei M07
    |--S. hirundo M07
    `--S. pallidus IT07
  Scotozous Dobson 1875 M07
    |--*S. dormeri [=Vesperugo (*Scotozous) dormeri] M07
    |--S. deserti M07
    `--S. pulcher M07
  Scoteinus Dobson 1875 M07
    |--*S. emarginatus [=Scotophilus (*Scoteinus) emarginatus] M07
    |--S. balstoni R64
    |    |--S. b. balstoni R64
    |    `--S. b. caprenus Troughton 1937 R64
    |--S. greyii M07
    |--S. pallidus M07
    `--S. sanborni Troughton 1937 R64
  Glauconycteris Dobson 1875 M07
    |--*G. poensis [=Kerivoula poensis, Chalinolobus (*Glauconycteris) poensis] M07
    |--G. argentatus M07
    |--G. beatrix M07
    |--G. egeria BP87
    |--G. papilio M07
    |--G. superba BP87
    `--G. variegatus M07
  Pterygistes Kaup 1829 [incl. Noctulinia Gray 1842, Panugo Kolenati 1856] M07
    |--*P. noctula [=Vespertilio noctula, Panugo noctula; incl. Noctulinia proterus] M07
    |--P. azoreum M07
    |--P. lasiopterus M07
    |--P. leisleri [=Panugo leisleri] M07
    |--P. madeirae M07
    |--P. maxima M07
    |--P. montanus M07
    `--P. stenopterus M07

Lasiurus Gray 1831 KJ70, C57 [incl. Atalapha Peters 1870 non Rafinesque 1814 C57, Nycteris Borkhausen 1797 (nom. rej.) non Geoffroy 1803 C57; Lasiurini]

Lasiurus (Lasiurus) borealis (Müller 1776) B75 [=Vespertilio borealis B75; incl. V. lasiurus C57, *Lasiurus lasiurus C57]

Lasiurus (Lasiurus) borealis blossevillii (Lesson & Garnot 1826) [=Vespertilio blossevillii, Nycteris borealis blossevillei; incl. V. bonariensis Lesson 1827, Atalapha bonaeriensis, Lasiurus borealis bonariensis, Nycticejus bonariensis, L. enslenii Lima 1926] C57

Lasiurus (Lasiurus) borealis varius (Poeppig 1835) [=Nycticejus varius, Atalapha varia; incl. Nycticeus poepingii Lesson 1936, Lasiurus borealis salinae Thomas 1902] C57

Lasiurus cinereus villosissimus (Geoffroy 1806) [=Vespertilio villosissimus, Dasypterus villosissimus, Nycteris cinerea villosissima; incl. Atalapha cinerea brasiliensis Pira 1905, Lasiurus grayi Tomes 1857, Atalapha grayi, A. pallescens Peters 1871, Lasiurus cinereus pallescens] C57

Lasiurus (Dasypterus) ega panamensis (Thomas 1901) G69, C57 [=Dasypterus ega panamensis C57; incl. D. ega fuscatus Thomas 1901 C57]

Nycticeius Rafinesque 1819 KJ70, M07 [=Nycticea Le Conte 1831 M07, Nycticejus Temminck 1827 M07, Nycticeus Lesson 1827 M07, Nycticeyx Wagler 1830 M07; Nycticeina]

*Vespertilio murinus Linnaeus 1758 M07, K92 [incl. Vesperugo (*Marsipolaemus) albigularis M07, Aristippe discolor M07]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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