Entomobrya corticalis, photographed by Pavel Krasensky.

Belongs within: Collembola.

The Entomobryidae are a family of elongate springtails with a well-developed mucro.

Characters (from Soto-Adames et al. 2008): Dentes crenulate, strongly tapered; mucro bidentate or falcate. Abdominal segments 2-4 usually with 2-3-2 bothriothrica on each side.

<==Entomobryidae [Entomobryioidea]
    |--Capbrya CP02
    |--Pseudosinella TM86
    |    |--P. alba M83
    |    |--P. duodecimpunctata V73
    |    |--P. hirsuta JP79
    |    `--P. insubrica V73
    |--Seira domestica (Nicolet 1842) SL06
    |--Orchesella SL06
    |    |--O. cincta (Linnaeus 1758) SL06
    |    |--O. imitari RS10
    |    `--O. montana Stach 1960 SL06
    |--Lepidocyrtus SL06
    |    |--L. instratus Handschin 1924 SL06
    |    |--L. lignorum (Fabricius 1775) SL06
    |    `--L. vexillosus Loksa & Bogojevic 1967 SL06
    |--Entomobrya SL06
    |    |--E. bimaculata Stach 1963 SL06
    |    |--E. corticalis FFB88
    |    |--E. lanuginosa M83
    |    |--E. marginata M83
    |    |--E. multifasciata (Tullberg 1871) SL06
    |    `--E. muscorum (Nicolet 1842) SL06
    `--Tomoceridae TM86
         |--Lasiofinus CP02
         |--Neophorella CP02
         |--Entomocerus Christiansen & Pike 2002 CP02
         |    `--*E. mirus Christiansen & Pike 2002 CP02
         `--Tomocerus [Tomocerinae] SL06
              |--T. longicornis FFB88
              `--T. minor (Lubbock 1862) SL06

*Type species of generic name indicated


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