Rhogeessa (Rhogeessa)

Rhogeessa aeneus, photographed by Alex Borisenko.

Belongs within: Vespertilioninae.

The nominotypical subgenus of Rhogeessa contains the little yellow bats of Central and northern South America. Several species in this group are not distinguishable from external characteristics, and can only be identified from their karyotypes.

See also: Little yellow bats.

Characters (from Roots & Baker 2007): Greatest length of skull less than 14.5 mm; i3 often bicuspid, less than one-sixth cross-sectional area of i2; third metacarpal more than 2.2 times length of first phalanx of third digit.

<==Rhogeessa Allen 1866 (Rhogeessa) RB07
    |--*R. (R.) tumida Allen 1866 RB07 [=R. parvula tumida C57]
    |--R. (R.) aeneus RB07
    |--R. (R.) genowaysi RB07
    |--R. (R.) gracilis RB07
    |--R. (R.) hussoni RB07
    |--R. (R.) io Thomas 1903 RB07, C57
    |--R. (R.) minutilla Miller 1897 RB07, C57
    |--R. (R.) mira RB07
    `--R. (R.) parvula Allen 1866 [=Vesperugo parvulus] RB07
         |--R. p. parvula RB07
         |--R. p. bombyx Thomas 1914 C57
         `--R. p. major Goodwin 1958 [=R. tumida major] RB07

*Type species of generic name indicated


[C57] Cabrera, A. 1957. Catalogo de los mamiferos de America del Sur. I (Metatheria - Unguiculata - Carnivora). Revista del Museo Argentino de Ciencias Naturales “Bernardino Rivadavia” e Instituto Nacional de Investigacion de Las Ciencias Naturales, Ciencias Zool√≥gicas 4 (1): 1-307.

[RB07] Roots, E. H., & R. J. Baker. 2007. Rhogeessa parvula. Mammalian Species 804: 1-4.

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