Zooids of Stylopoma velatum, from Tilbrook et al. (2001). Scale bar = 0.5 mm.

Belongs within: Cheilostomata.

The Schizoporellidae are a family of often encrusting bryozoans, characterised by the possession of a primary orifice with a concave posterior margin bearing a median sinus (Rogick 1955).

    |--Schizoporella Hincks 1877 THG01
    |    |--*S. unicornis Johnston 1847 THG01
    |    |--S. dunkeri (Reuss 1848) [=Cellepora dunkeri; incl. S. unicornis f. longirostris Hincks 1886] THG01
    |    `--S. errata (Waters 1878) [=Lepralia errata] THG01
    |--Escharina Milne Edwards 1836 THG01
    |    |--*E. vulgaris (Moll 1803) [=Eschara vulgaris] THG01
    |    |--E. pesanseris (Smitt 1873) [=Hippothoa pesanseris] THG01
    |    `--E. porosa C79
    `--Stylopoma Canu & Bassler 1920 THG01
         |--*S. spongites (Pallas 1776) THG01 [=Eschara spongites THG01, Schizoporella spongites H30]
         |--S. duboisii (Audouin 1826) THG01
         |--S. novum Tilbrook 2001 THG01
         |--S. thornelyae Livingstone 1926 THG01
         |--S. velatum Tilbrook 2001 THG01
         |--S. vilaensis Tilbrook 2001 THG01
         `--S. viride (Thornely 1905) [=Schizoporella viridis; incl. St. grandis Canu & Bassler 1929] THG01

Schizoporella dunkeri (Reuss 1848) [=Cellepora dunkeri; incl. S. unicornis f. longirostris Hincks 1886] THG01

*Type species of generic name indicated


[C79] Cook, P. L. 1979. Some problems in interpretation of heteromorphy and colony integration in Bryozoa. In Biology and Systematics of Colonial Organisms (G. Larwood & B. R. Rosen, eds) pp. 193-210. Academic Press: London.

[H30] Harmer, S. F. 1930. Presidential address. Proceedings of the Linnean Society of London 141: 68-118.

Rogick, M. D. 1955. Genus Emballotheca Levinsen 1909. Transactions of the American Microscopical Society 74 (2): 103-112.

[THG01] Tilbrook, K. J., P. J. Hayward & D. P. Gordon. 2001. Cheilostomatous Bryozoa from Vanuatu. Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society 131: 35-109.

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