Larva and case of Triaenodes reuteri, from Biodiversity Institute of Ontario.

Belongs within: Integripalpia.
Contains: Sericostomatoidea.

The Leptoceroidea are a group of caddisflies with the base of vein 2A in the forewing anal loop separated by a jugal fold (Ivanov & Sukatsheva 2002). Leptoceroidea may be paraphyletic with regard to the Sericostomatoidea.

Synapomorphies (from Ivanov & Sukatsheva 2002, for Leptoceroidea + Sericostomatoidea): Larva with forked lamellae only on segment 8; Gilson glands reduced on prosternum, hind legs adopting sensory function and turned upwards.

    |--+--+--Tasimiidae GE05
    |  |  `--Odontocerum Lach 1815 BZ-M04 [Odontoceridae GE05, Odontocerinae]
    |  |       `--O. albicorne (Scopoli 1763) BZ-M04
    |  `--+--Atriplectididae GE05
    |     `--Philorheithridae GE05
    `--+--Sericostomatoidea GE05
       `--+--Limnocentropodidae IS02
          `--+--Molannidae GE05
             `--+--Calamoceras Brauer 1865 BZ-M04 [Calamoceratidae GE05, Calamoceratinae]
                |    `--C. marsupus Brauer 1865 BZ-M04
                `--Leptoceridae GE05
                     |  i. s.: Erotesis IS02
                     |         Oligoplectrum IS02
                     |         Triplectides PC66
                     |           |--T. australicus TDC06
                     |           |--T. cephalotes PC66
                     |           `--T. obsoleta PC66
                     `--Leptocerinae BZ-M04
                          |  i. s.: Leptocerus A71
                          |--Athripsodini BZ-M04
                          |    |--Athripsodes Billberg 1820 BZ-M04
                          |    |    |--A. albifrons (Linnaeus 1758) BZ-M04
                          |    |    `--A. taounate BZ-M04
                          |    `--Ceraclea Stephens 1829 BZ-M04
                          |         `--C. sobradieli (Navás 1917) BZ-M04
                          |--Mystacides Berthold 1827 [Mysacidini] BZ-M04
                          |    `--M. azurea (Linnaeus 1761) BZ-M04
                          |--Oecetis McLachlan 1877 [Oecetini] BZ-M04
                          |    `--O. grazalemae BZ-M04
                          |--Setodes Rambur 1842 [Setodini] BZ-M04
                          |    |--S. argentipunctellus McLachlan 1877 BZ-M04
                          |    `--S. portionalis S02
                          `--Triaenodini BZ-M04
                               |    |--T. detruncatus Martynov 1924
                               |    |--T. reuteri
                               |    `--T. simulans Tjeder 1929 [incl. T. forsslundi Tjeder 1941]
                               `--Adicella McLachlan 1877 BZ-M04
                                    `--A. reducta (McLachlan 1865) BZ-M04

*Type species of generic name indicated


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