Hoplocheylus sp., from Walter et al. (2009).

Belongs within: Prostigmata.
Contains: Raphignathoidea, Tetranychoidea, Cheyletoidea, Pterygosomatidae, Dolichocyboidea, Pygmephoroidea, Pyemotoidea, Tarsonemidae, Podapolipidae.

The Eleutherengonides are a group of mites in which the chelicerae have the fixed digit reduced or absent, with the movable digit hook-like or stylet;like and inserted apically or subapically on the closely contiguous or fused cheliceral bases. A palpal thumb-claw process is commonly present and the solenidia on leg tarsus I, if present, are erect (Walter et al. 2009).

<==Eleutherengonides [Eleutherengona, Eleutherengonina] DPD16
    |--Raphignathina [Raphignathae] WL09
    |    |--+--Raphignathoidea OW01
    |    |  `--+--Tetranychoidea OW01
    |    |     `--Cheyletoidea OW01
    |    `--Pterygosomatidae OW01
    `--Heterostigmata [Heterostigmae, Heterostigmatina, Tarsocheylina, Tarsonemida, Trachelostigmata] ZF11
         |  i. s.: Nasutiacarus Sidorchuk & Lindquist in Sidorchuk, Perrichot & Lindquist 2016 (see below for synonymy) SPL16
         |           `--*N. perplexus Sidorchuk & Lindquist in Sidorchuk, Perrichot & Lindquist 2016 SPL16
         |--Tarsocheylidae [Tarsocheyloidea] L86
         |    |--Tarsocheylus paradoxus WL09
         |    `--Hoplocheylus Atyeo & Baker 1964 S76
         |         |--H. atomarius NK94
         |         |--H. discalis Atyeo & Baker 1964 S76
         |         `--H. pickardi WL09
         `--+--Heterocheylus Lombardini 1926 H98 [Heterocheyletinae, Heterocheylidae L86, Heterocheyloidea]
            |    `--H. lombardinii Womersley 1960 H98
            `--Tarsonemina L86
                 |--Dolichocyboidea L86
                 `--+--+--Pygmephoroidea L86
                    |  `--+--Pyemotoidea L86
                    |     `--Tarsonemoidea WL09
                    |          |--Tarsonemidae L86
                    |          `--Podapolipidae WL09
                    `--Trochometridioidea WL09
                         |--Trochometridium Cross 1965 [Trochometridiidae] L86
                         |    |--T. chinensis WL09
                         |    `--T. tribulatum WP99
                         `--Athyreacaridae WL09
                              |--Athyreacarus pleiotretus WL09
                              `--Bembidiacarus [Bembidiacaridae] WL09

Eleutherengonides incertae sedis:
  Cloacaroidea ZF11
    |--Epimyodex WL09 [Epimyodicidae ZF11, Epimyodicinae]
    |    `--E. soricis WL09
    `--Cloacaridae ZF11
         |--Pneumophagus bubonis WP99
         |--Caminacarus theodori WL09
         |--Theodoracarus testudinis WL09
         |--Cloacarus faini WL09
         `--Emyduracarus Fain 1968 H98
              `--E. australis Fain 1968 H98

Nasutiacarus Sidorchuk & Lindquist in Sidorchuk, Perrichot & Lindquist 2016 [Nasutiacaridae, Nastuiacaroidea] SPL16

*Type species of generic name indicated


[DPD16] Dabert, M., H. Proctor & J. Dabert. 2016. Higher-level molecular phylogeny of the water mites (Acariformes: Prostigmata: Parasitengonina: Hydrachnidiae). Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 101: 75–90.

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[OW01] Otto, J. C., & K. J. Wilson. 2001. Assessment of the usefulness of ribosomal 18S and mitochondrial COI sequences in Prostigmata phylogeny. In: Halliday, R. B., D. E. Walter, H. C. Proctor, R. A. Norton & M. J. Colloff (eds) Acarology: Proceedings of the 10th International Congress pp. 100–109. CSIRO Publishing: Melbourne.

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[SPL16] Sidorchuk, E. A., V. Perrichot & E. E. Lindquist. 2016. A new fossil mite from French Cretaceous amber (Acari: Heterostigmata: Nasutiacaroidea superfam. nov.), testing evolutionary concepts within the Eleutherengona (Acariformes). Journal of Systematic Palaeontology 14 (4): 297–317.

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