Trombicula autumnalis, copyright Alan R. Walker.

Belongs within: Trombiculidae.

Trombicula is a genus of chigger mites in which larvae bear flagelliform sensillae and five scutal setae (Gould 1956).

Characters (from Gould 1956): Larva with sensillae flagelliform, nude or branched; scutal setae 5; cheliceral blade unmodified, lacking teeth other than the tricuspid cap; coxae usually with single seta each, occasionally more on coxa III; empodia claw-like; caudal plate absent.

<==Trombicula Berlese 1905 [incl. Cotrombicula Vercammen-Grandjean 1960, Womersleyna Vercammen-Grandjean 1960] H98
    |--*T. minor Berlese 1905 G56
    |--T. agamae André 1929 L35
    |--T. alfreddugesi G56
    |--T. aplodontiae Brennan 1946 G56
    |--T. autumnalis S61
    |--T. carmenae K06
    |--T. chiroptera Womersley & Heaslip 1943 H98
    |--T. cynos Ewing 1937 G56
    |--T. dasyphloea Domrow 1959 H98
    |--T. dewae Domrow 1964 H98
    |--T. elegans Womersley 1942 H98
    |--T. geckobia (Womersley 1952) [=Tragardhula geckobia, Womersleyna geckobia] H98
    |--T. giroudi L55
    |--T. goldii G56
    |--T. imperfecta Brennan & Jones 1954 G56
    |--T. jessiemae Gould 1956 G56
    |--T. lukoschusi (Goff 1983) [=Cotrombicula lukoschusi] H98
    |--T. mitchellensis (Goff 1983) [=Cotrombicula mitchellensis] H98
    |--T. montanensis Brennan 1946 G56
    |--T. naultini Dumbleton 1947 SL71
    |--T. quadriensis Womersley & Heaslip 1943 [=T. quadriense, T. quandriensis (l. c.)] H98
    |--T. rugosa (Goff 1979) [=Cotrombicula rugosa] H98
    |--T. scottae Brennan 1952 G56
    |--T. signata Womersley 1934 H98
    |--T. sola Gould 1956 G56
    |--T. southcotti Womersley 1952 H98
    |--T. splendens G56
    |--T. thomsoni Womersley 1954 H98
    |--T. trisetica Loomis & Crossley 1953 G56
    |--T. victoriensis Audy & Womersley 1957 H98
    `--T. willmanni KK54

*Type species of generic name indicated


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