Japanese box Buxus microphylla, copyright David J. Stang.

Belongs within: Mesangiospermae.

The Buxanae are a group of shrubs characterised by formation of a multilayered testa in ripe seeds.

    |--Rhoiptelea T00 [Rhoipteleaceae, Rhoipteleales D01]
    |    `--R. pontwallensis (Vangerow) Knobloch & Mai 1986 CBH93
    `--Buxaceae [Buxales, Buxineae, Didymelaceae, Haptanthaceae] CD07
         |--Didymeles CD07
         |--Macropodandra YY22
         |--Notobuxus YY22
         |--Sarcococca saligna CP02
         |--Haptanthus APG16
         |--Erdtmanipollis Jarzen & Norris 1975 CBH93
         |--Grootipollis calvoerdensis Krutzsch & Lenk 1969 CBH93
         |--Schizocolpus marlinensis CBH93
         |--Pachysandra MH98
         |    |--P. ascidiiformis Mai in Mai & Walther 1985 CBH93
         |    `--P. terminalis MH98
         `--Buxus [Buxoideae] CD07
              |--B. microphylla MS10
              `--B. sempervirens Linnaeus 1753 CD07
                   |--B. s. var. sempervirens S00
                   `--B. s. var. suffruticosa S00

*Type species of generic name indicated


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