Campodea staphylinus, copyright Michel Vuijlsteke.

Belongs within: Diplura.

The Campodeoidea are a group of diplurans with filiform cerci and lacking abdominal spiracles (Ferguson 1990).

Characters (from Ferguson 1990): Trichobothria present, beginning on antennal segment 3; mandible with lacinia mobilis (prostheca); maxilla without palpus, lacinia without pectens; urosternite 1 without styli, with one pair of subcoxal appendages; styli present on urosternites 2–7, with several distinctly developed setae; abdominal spiracles absent; cerci multisegmented, filiform, long or short, without inner canal, closed at apex; anal valvules well developed.

<==Campodeoidea [Campodeida, Campodeomorpha] F90
    |--Procampodea [Procampodeidae] F90
    |    `--P. macswaini Condé & Pagés 1956 F90
    `--Campodeidae F05
         |  i. s.: Plusiocampa F05
         |           |--P. baetica Sendra 2004 F05
         |           `--P. bonneti F05
         |                |--P. b. bonneti F05
         |                `--P. b. condei Sendra & Escolà 2004 F05
         |--Lepidocampinae F90
         |    |--Syncampa Silvestri 1931 F90
         |    `--Lepidocampa Oudemans 1890 F90
         |         `--L. weberi Oudemans 1890 F90
         |--Hemicampinae F90
         |    |--Tritocampa Silvestri 1933 F90
         |    `--Hemicampa Silvestri 1912 F90
         |         `--H. boudreauxi Condé & Geeraert 1962 F90
         `--Campodeinae CP91
              |--Eutrichocampa hispanica Silvestri 1932 F90
              |--Haplocampa Silvestri 1912 F90
              |--Podocampa Silvestri 1932 [incl. Parallocampa Silvestri 1933] F90
              |--Meiocampa Silvestri 1933 F90
              |--Eumesocampa Silvestri 1933 F90
              |    |--E. danielsi Silvestri 1933 F90
              |    |--E. frigillis (Hilton 1936) F90
              |    `--E. lutzi Silvestri 1933 F90
              |--Campodella Silvestri 1913 CP91, W39
              |    |--*C. clavigera CP91
              |    |--C. milloti CP91
              |    `--C. tiegsi Womersley 1939 W39
              |--Notocampa Silvestri 1930 CP91, W39
              |    |--*N. leae (Silvestri 1931) [=Metriocampa (*Notocampa) leae] W39
              |    |--N. philpotti (Tillyard 1924) [=Campodea philpotti, Metriocampa (Notocampa) philpotti] W39
              |    `--N. westraliense (Wom. 1937) [=Metriocampa (Notocampa) westraliense] W39
              |--Litocampa Silvestri 1933 F90
              |    |  i. s.: L. cookei F90
              |    `--L. (Cocytocampa Paclt 1957) F90
              |         |--L. (C.) perkinsi (Silvestri 1934) F90
              |         `--L. (C.) solomonis Bareth & Condé 1972 F90
              |--Metriocampa Silvestri 1911 F90
              |    |--M. (Austrocampa Wom. 1937) W39
              |    |    `--M. (A.) spinigera Wom. 1937 W39
              |    |         |--M. s. spinigera CP91
              |    |         `--M. s. victoriense Wom. 1937 CP91, W39
              |    `--M. (Tricampa Silvestri 1933) F90
              |         `--M. (T.) paradoxa CP91
              `--Campodea Westwood 1842 F90
                   |  i. s.: C. darwinii RJ93
                   |         C. lubbocki WS10
                   |         C. remyi F90
                   |         C. staphylinus P92
                   |         C. waterhousei Wom. 1937 W39
                   |--C. (Campodea) F05
                   |    |--C. (C.) cossetana Sendra & Escolà 2004 F05
                   |    |--C. (C.) fragilis Meinert 1865 CP91, W39
                   |    |--C. (C.) maestrazgoensis Sendra & Escolà 2004 F05
                   |    |--C. (C.) majorica F05
                   |    |    |--C. m. majorica F05
                   |    |    `--C. m. valentina Sendra & Moreno 2004 F05
                   |    `--C. (C.) navasi Sendra & Moreno 2004 F05
                   |--C. (Dicampa Silvestri 1932) F90
                   |    `--C. (D.) escalerai Silvestri 1932 F90
                   |--C. (Hypercampa Silvestri 1933) F90
                   |    `--C. (H.) essigi Silvestri 1933 F90
                   |--C. (Indocampa) CP91
                   |    |--C. (I.) froggattii Silvestri 1921 CP91, W39
                   |    |--C. (I.) novaecaledoniae CP91
                   |    `--C. (I.) tillyardii Silvestri 1931 CP91, W39
                   `--C. (Monocampa Silvestri 1932) F90
                        |--C. (M.) morgani Silvestri 1911 F90
                        `--C. (M.) tonnoiri Wom. 1937 CP91, W39

*Type species of generic name indicated


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[W39] Womersley, H. 1939. Primitive Insects of South Australia: Silverfish, springtails, and their allies. South Australian Branch of the British Science Guild: Adelaide.

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