Neotrombicula autumnalis, copyright M. Klimes.

Belongs within: Trombiculidae.

Neotrombicula is a genus of chiggers in which larvae bear a roughly pentagonal scutum and flagelliform sensillae (Gould 1956).

Characters (from Gould 1956): Scutum roughly pentagonal; palpal claws usually trifurcate, axial prong internal; all coxae with a single seta each; leg III with mastitarsalae and mastifemoralae often present.

<==Neotrombicula Hirst 1925 H98
    |--*N. autumnalis (Shaw 1790) [=Acarus autumnalis] SB63
    |--N. antechinus (Womersley 1954) [=Trombicula antechinus] H98
    |--N. brennani (Gould 1956) [=Trombicula (Neotrombicula) brennani] G56
    |--N. browni [=Trombicula (Neotrombicula) browni] G56
    |--N. californica (Ewing 1942) [=Trombicula californica] G56
    |--N. cavicola (Ewing 1931) [=Trombicula cavicola, Eutrombicula cavicola] G56
    |--N. comata Domrow 1961 H98
    |--N. derricki (Womersley 1954) [=Trombicula derricki] H98
    |--N. dinehartae (Brennan & Wharton 1950) [=Trombicula (Neotrombicula) dinehartae] G56
    |--N. faghini Kudryashova in Kudryashova, Neronov & Farhang-Azad 1981 KNF-A81
    |--N. gemini Domrow 1971 H98
    |--N. greenlyi Domrow 1984 [incl. Trombicula gymnodactyla McCulloch 1946 (n. n.), Tragardhula gymnodactyla] H98
    |--N. harperi (Ewing 1928) (see below for synonymy) G56
    |--N. heptneri Kudryashova in Kudryashova, Neronov & Farhang-Azad 1981 KNF-A81
    |--N. jewetti (Brennan & Wharton 1950) [=Trombicula (Neotrombicula) jewetti] G56
    |--N. llogorensis KNF-A81
    |--N. mackayensis (Womersley 1954) [=Trombicula mackayensis] H98
    |--N. mofidii Kudryashova in Kudryashova, Neronov & Farhang-Azad 1981 KNF-A81
    |--N. novaehollandiae (Hirst 1929) [=Trombicula novaehollandiae] H98
    |--N. pentagona (Womersley 1952) [=Tragardhula pentagona, Trombicula pentagona] H98
    |--N. pomeranzevi S91
    |--N. pseudoautumnalis (Gould 1956) [=Trombicula (Neotrombicula) pseudoautumnalis] G56
    |--N. scorpionis WL09
    |--N. subsignata (Brennan & Wharton 1950) [=Trombicula (Neotrombicula) subsignata] G56
    |--N. subtilis Schluger & Kudryashova 1969 KNF-A81
    |--N. taimiensis Schluger 1955 KNF-A81
    |--N. thylogale (Womersley 1954) [=Trombicula thylogale] H98
    |--N. valenti Kudryashova in Kudryashova, Neronov & Farhang-Azad 1981 KNF-A81
    `--N. zachvatkini BC91

Neotrombicula harperi (Ewing 1928) [=Trombicula harperi, Eutrombicula harperi; incl. T. microti Ewing 1928, T. parkeri Radford 1942] G56

*Type species of generic name indicated


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