Tuckerella japonica, from Beard et al. (2012).

Belongs within: Tetranychoidea.

Tuckerella, the peacock mites, is a genus of phytophagous mites characterised by long, flagellate setae on the rear of the opisthosoma.

Characters (from Meyer & Ueckermann 1997): Body oval to elongate; dorsum smooth or reticulated, divided into prodorsum and opisthosoma; dorsal setae mostly large and palmate: 4 pairs on prodorsum and 18 on opisthosoma, which also bears 4 to 7 pairs of long, flagellate caudal setae; prodorsum usually with 2 pairs of eyes, 1 pair on each side, rarely absent; palpus five-segmented, with a dorsal claw on tibia, forming a "thumb-claw" complex; all tarsi with paired uncinate claws and padlike empodia, each with series of tenent hairs; tarsi I and II each with 1 or 2 rodlike solenidia, not associated with setae as duplex sets; female genital aperture subtriangular, not covered by a shield. Male genitalia with a pair of genital stylets flanking the aedeagus.

<==Tuckerella Womersley 1940 [Tuckerellidae] BW05
    |--*T. ornata (Tucker 1926) [=Tenuipalpus ornata] BW05
    |--T. ablutus Chaudhri 1974 MU97
    |--T. anommata Meyer & Ueckermann 1997 MU97
    |--T. channabasavannai Malik & Kumar 1992 MU97
    |--T. coleogynis Jorgensen 1967 MU97
    |--T. delhiensis Ghai & Maninder 1976 MU97
    |--T. elegans Rossi de Simons 1972 MU97
    |--T. eloisae Servin & Otero 1989 MU97
    |--T. equalis Chaudhri 1971 MU97
    |--T. filipina BW05
    |--T. flabellifera Miller 1964 MU97 [=T. flabellifer (l. c.) H98]
    |--T. ghotkiensis Chaudhri 1974 MU97
    |--T. hypoterra McDaniel, Morihara & Lewis 1975 MU97
    |--T. indica Prasad 1973 MU97
    |--T. japonica Ehara 1975 MU97
    |--T. knorri Baker & Tuttle 1975 MU97
    |--T. kumaonensis Gupta 1979 MU97
    |--T. litoralis Collyer 1969 MU97
    |--T. murreensis Chaudhri 1971 MU97
    |--T. nilotica Zaher & Rasmy 1969 MU97
    |--T. pavoniformis (Ewing 1922) [=Eupalopsis parvoniformis] BW05
    |--T. revelata Beard & Walter BW05
    |--T. saetula Chuadhri 1971 MU97
    |--T. spechtae Womersley 1957 BW05
    `--T. xiamenensis Lin 1982 MU97

*Type species of generic name indicated


[BW05] Beard, J. J., & D. E. Walter. 2005. A new species of Tuckerella (Prostigmata: Tetranychoidea: Tuckerellidae) from Australia with descriptions of all stages and a discussion of the tritonymphal stage. Acarologia 45 (1): 49–60.

[H98] Halliday, R. B. 1998. Mites of Australia: A checklist and bibliography. CSIRO Publishing: Collingwood.

[MU97] Meyer, M. K. P. S., & E. A. Ueckermann. 1997. A review of some species of the families Allochaetophoridae, Linotetranidae and Tuckerellidae (Acari: Tetranychoidea). International Journal of Acarology 23 (2): 67–92.

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