Imparipes sp., from Bee Mite ID.

Belongs within: Pygmephoroidea.

Imparipes is a genus of scutacarid mites with five segments in leg IV, three setae on tibia IV, and tarsus IV with an expanded base becoming abruptly thin distally.

<==Imparipes Berlese 1903 H98
    |--I. apicola L86
    |--I. australiensis Mahunka 1974 H98
    |--I. australis Mahunka 1967 H98
    |--I. bornemisszai Mahunka 1967 H98
    |--I. caledonicus WL09
    |--I. dispar WL09
    |--I. histricinus Berlese 1903 [=I. hystricinus (l. c.)] H98
    |--I. insignis Mahunka 1970 SL71
    |--I. karafiati Mahunka 1967 H98
    |--I. tocatlphilus WL09
    |--I. woodi Mahunka 1974 H98
    `--I. zilui Mahunka 1967 H98

*Type species of generic name indicated


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