Mountain astelia Astelia nervosa, copyright Rudolph89.

Belongs within: Petrosaviidae.

The Asteliaceae are a Southern Hemisphere group of tufted, often epiphytic herbs characterised by an indumentum of surface scales on at least young growth (Moore & Edgar 1970).

<==Asteliaceae [Astelieae, Astelioideae, Milliganieae]
    |--Neoastelia Williams 1987 DS04, CC87
    |    `--*N. spectabilis Williams 1987 CC87
    |--Collospermum Skottsb. 1934 ME70
    |    |--C. hastatum (Col.) Skottsb. 1934 [=Astelia hastata Col. 1887] ME70
    |    |--C. microspermum (Col.) Skottsb. 1934 (see below for synonymy) ME70
    |    |--‘Astelia’ planifolia Col. 1888 (n. d.) ME70
    |    `--C. spicatum (Col.) Skottsb. 1934 (n. d.) [=Astelia spicata Col. 1882; incl. A. nana Carse 1926] ME70
    |--Milligania Hook. 1853 (nom. cons.) B78, CC87
    |    |--*M. longifolia Hook. 1853 CC87
    |    |--M. densiflora Hook. 1853 CC87
    |    |--M. johnstonii Muell. ex Benth. 1878 CC87
    |    |--M. lindoniana Rodway ex Curtis 1972 CC87
    |    `--M. stylosa (Muell. ex Hook.) Muell. ex Benth. 1878 [=Astelia stylosa Muell. ex Hook. 1858] CC87
    `--Astelia Banks & Sol. ex Br. 1810 (nom. cons.) [incl. Funckia Willd. 1808 (nom. rej.)] CC87
         |  i. s.: *Funckia’ magellanica Willd. 1808 CC87
         |         A. pumila DS04
         |--A. subg. Astelia ME70
         |    |--A. sect. Astelia ME70
         |    |    |--*A. alpina Br. 1810 [=Funckia alpina (Br.) Kuntze 1891] CC87
         |    |    |    |--A. a. var. alpina CC87
         |    |    |    `--A. a. var. novae-hollandiae Skottsb. 1934 CC87
         |    |    |--A. linearis Hook. f. 1844 ME70 [incl. A. minima Col. 1896 C06]
         |    |    |    |--A. l. var. linearis ME70
         |    |    |    `--A. l. var. novae-zelandiae Skottsb. 1934 ME70
         |    |    `--A. subulata (Hook. f.) Cheesem. in Chilton 1909 [=A. linearis var. subulata Hook. f. 1844] ME70
         |    `--A. sect. Desmoneuron ME70
         |         |--A. solandri Cunn. 1837 (see below for synonymy) ME70
         |         `--A. trinervia Kirk 1872 ME70
         |--A. (subg. Asteliopsis sect. Isoneuron) banksii Cunn. 1837 (see below for synonymy) ME70
         `--A. subg. Tricella Skottsb. 1934 CC87
              |--A. (subg. *T.) nervosa Hook. f. 1853 CC87, ME70 (see below for synonymy)
              |--A. australiana (Willis) Moore 1939 [=A. nervosa var. australiana Willis 1939] CC87
              |--A. chathamica (Skottsb.) Moore 1966 [=A. nervosa var. chathamica Skottsb. 1934] ME70
              |--A. fragrans Col. 1883 [incl. A. nervosa var. sylvestris Ckn. & Allan 1926] ME70
              |--A. graminea Moore 1966 ME70
              |--A. grandis Hook. f. ex Kirk 1872 [=A. nervosa var. grandis (Kirk) Ckn. & Allan 1926] ME70
              |--A. nivicola Ckn. ex Cheesem. 1925 ME70
              |    |--A. n. var. nivicola ME70
              |    `--A. n. var. moriceae Moore 1966 ME70
              |--A. petriei Ckn. 1899 ME70
              |--A. psychrocharis Muell. 1855 CC87
              `--A. skottsbergii Moore 1966 ME70

Astelia banksii Cunn. 1837 [incl. A. latifolia Jacques 1862, A. richardii Kunth 1841, Hamelinia veratroides Rich. 1832 non Astelia veratroides Gaud. 1829] ME70

Astelia nervosa Hook. f. 1853 CC87, ME70 [incl. A. cockaynei Cheesem. 1925 ME70, A. nervosa var. montana Kirk ex Cheesem. 1906 ME70, A. montana (Kirk) Ckn. 1908 non Seem. 1868 ME70]

Astelia solandri Cunn. 1837 [incl. A. cunninghamii Hook. f. 1853, A. cunninghamii ssp. hookeriana Kirk 1872, A. solandri ssp. hookerana (Kirk) Moore 1966, A. polyneuron Col. 1882, A. subrigida Col. 1887] ME70

Collospermum microspermum (Col.) Skottsb. 1934 [=Astelia microspermum Col. 1885; incl. A. albicans Col. 1885, A. graminifolia Col. 1887] ME70

*Type species of generic name indicated


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