Friesea sp., copyright Centre for Biodiversity Genomics.

Belongs within: Collembola.
Contains: Neanura, Ceratrimeria, Anurida, Pseudachorutes.

The Neanuridae are a group of springtails characterised by the presence of microsensilla on the third thoracic segment, a cardo between the stipes and the fulcrum, near-cylindrical antennae, and pointed buccal cones pointed (Greenslade 1991).

<==Neanuridae [Achorutinae, Neoarthropleona]
    |--Uchidanurinae G91
    |    |--Megalanura tasmaniae G91
    |    |--Womersleymeria G91
    |    `--Acanthanura Börner 1906 G91, W39
    |--Neanurinae [Achorutini] G91
    |    |--Protanura W39
    |    |--Australonura G91
    |    |--Neanura W39
    |    |--Oudemansia Schött 1893 nec Miq. 1854 (ICBN) nec Speg. 1880 (ICBN) CB80
    |    |    |--*O. coerulea Schött 1893 CB80 [=Polyacanthella coerulea W39]
    |    |    |--O. esakii CB80
    |    |    |--O. georgia Christiansen & Bellinger 1980 CB80
    |    |    `--O. hirashimai CB80
    |    `--Morulina Börner 1906 CB80
    |         |--*M. gigantea (Tullberg 1876) (see below for synonymy) CB80
    |         |--M. alia Christiansen & Bellinger 1980 CB80
    |         |--M. crassa Christiansen & Bellinger 1980 CB80
    |         |--M. mackenziana Hammer 1953 CB80
    |         |--M. multatuberculata (Coleman 1941) [=Neanura multatuberculata] CB80
    |         |--M. nuda Cassagnau 1955 CB80
    |         `--M. thulensis Hammer 1953 CB80
    |--Friesea Dalla Torre 1895 SS06 (see below for synonymy)
    |    |--*F. mirabilis (Tullberg 1871) [=Triaena mirabilis] CB80
    |    |--F. cera Christiansen & Bellinger 1980 CB80
    |    |--F. claviseta Axelson 1900 [incl. F. caldaria Guthrie 1903] CB80
    |    |--F. emucronata Stach 1922 CB80
    |    |--F. fara Christiansen & Bellinger 1980 CB80
    |    |--F. grandis Mills 1934 CB80
    |    |--F. grisea (Schäffer 1891) (see below for synonymy) W67
    |    |--F. hammeni H83
    |    |--F. kardosia (Wray 1952) [=*Prospinanura kardosia] CB80
    |    |--F. landwehri Christiansen & Bellinger 1980 SS06
    |    |--F. magnicornis Denis 1931 CB80
    |    |--F. mauriesi Cassagnau 1958 CB80
    |    |--F. millsi Christiansen & Bellinger 1974 CB80
    |    |--F. multispinosa Denis 1947 G86
    |    |--F. nauroisi Cassagnau 1958 CB80
    |    |--F. oteruelensis Simón-Benito 2005 F05
    |    |--‘Prospinanura’ oxfordi Wray 1953 (n. d.) [=Wrayella oxfordi] CB80
    |    |--F. pentacantha Mills 1934 CB80
    |    |--F. peruensis Smolis & Skarżyński 2006 SS06
    |    |--F. polla Christiansen & Bellinger 1980 CB80
    |    |--F. quinquespinosa CB80 [=Polyacanthella quinquispinosa W39]
    |    |--F. quinta Christiansen & Bellinger 1980 CB80
    |    |--F. sublimis Macnamara 1921 CB80
    |    |--‘Neoprospinanura’ tecala Wray 1963 (n. d.) CB80
    |    |--F. tilbrooki Wise 1970 [incl. F. viennei Deharveng 1981] G86
    |    |--F. wilkeyi Christiansen & Bellinger 1974 CB80
    |    `--F. woyciechowskii Weiner 1980 SS06
    `--Pseudachorutinae [Pseudachorutini] G91
         |--Echinanura W39
         |--Sericanura W39
         |--Stachia W39
         |--Platanurida W39
         |--Meganurida W39
         |--Ceratrimeria W39
         |--Anurida W39
         |--Pseudachorutes W39
         |--Tasmanura Womersley 1937 W39
         |    `--T. evansi Womersley 1937 W39
         |--Anuritelsa Womersley 1939 W39
         |    `--*A. maritima Womersley 1939 W39
         |--Anuridella Willem 1906 CB80
         |    |--*A. marina Willem 1906 [=Anurida (*Anuridella) marina] CB80
         |    `--A. calcarata Denis 1925 TM86 [=Anurida (Anuridella) calcarata CB80]
         |--Pseudanurida Schött 1901 [incl. Neachorutes Womersley 1933] W39
         |    |--*P. billitonensis Schött 1901 W39
         |    `--P. glauerti (Womersley 1933) G91, W39 [=Neachorutes glauerti W39]
         |--Pseudachorutoides Becker 1905 W39
         |    |--*P. bogoyawlensky W39
         |    |--P. clysmae Jackson 1927 W39
         |    `--P. dollfusi W39
         |--Polyacanthella Schaeffer 1897 [incl. Conotelsa Denis 1925] W39
         |    |--*P. michaelseni Schaeffer 1897 [=Friesea michaelseni] W39
         |    |--P. accuminata [=Conotelsa accuminata, Friesea accuminata] W39
         |    |--P. barnardi Womersley 1930 W39
         |    |--P. brevicaudata [=Friesea brevicaudata] W39
         |    `--P. parva W39
         `--Paranura Axelson 1902 W39
              |--*P. sexpunctata Axelson 1902 CB80
              |--P. anops Christiansen & Bellinger 1980 CB80
              |--P. australasiae Womersley 1935 W39
              |--P. caeca Folsom 1916 CB80
              |--P. colorata Mills 1934 [=P. sexpunctata var. colorata] CB80
              |--P. millsi Christiansen & Bellinger 1980 CB80
              |--P. quadrilobata Hammer 1953 CB80
              `--P. s-uenoi CB80

Neanuridae incertae sedis:
  Pseudachorutella SL06
    |--P. asigillata (Börner 1901) SL06
    `--P. stachi [=Pseudachorutes (Pseudachorutella) stachi] H83
  Pseudoxenylla Christiansen & Pike 2002 CP02
    `--*P. fovealis Christiansen & Pike 2002 CP02
  Kenyura MC13
  Cassagnaudina Massoud 1967 CB80
    `--*C. coiffaiti Cassagnau 1955 CB80
  Stachorutes demattiesi Dallai 1973 CB80
  Neanurodes neomexicanus Scott 1960 (n. d.) CB81

Friesea Dalla Torre 1895 SS06 [incl. Macgillivraya Grote 1894 (nom. rej.) CB80, Prospinanura Wray 1952 CB80; Frieseinae G91]

Friesea grisea (Schäffer 1891) [=Tullbergia grisea, Frisia (l. c.) grisea, Pseudotullbergia grisea; incl. Achorutoides antarcticus Willem 1901] W67

*Morulina gigantea (Tullberg 1876) [=Anura gigantea; incl. M. callowayia Wray 1953, M. kotzebuensis Bödvarsson 1960] CB80

*Type species of generic name indicated


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