Spring crocus Crocus vernus, copyright Franz Xaver.

Belongs within: Iridaceae.

Crocus is a genus of low-growing herbs in which flowers arise at ground level with a subterranean ovary (Healy & Edgar 1980).

Characters (from Healy & Edgar 1980): Low-growing, more or less inconspicuous; flowers arising singly, one to several from a corm, at first stalkless and ovary subterranean; perianth-tube long, funnel-shaped, perianth lobes more or less spreading.

    |--C. angustifolius V09
    |--C. cancellatus PT98
    |    |--C. c. ssp. cancellatus PT98
    |    `--C. c. ssp. mazziariacus PT98
    |--C. chrysanthus V09
    |--C. cyprius D30
    |--C. flavus HE80
    |--C. multifidus Ramond 1800 R00
    |--C. nudiflorus V09
    |--C. sativus C55
    |--C. speciosus V09
    |--C. × stellaris [C. angustifolius × C. flavus] V09
    |--C. susianus KSM06
    |--C. tommasinianus V09
    `--C. vernus V09

*Type species of generic name indicated


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