Dorsum of male Bakerdania exigua, from Walter et al. (2009).

Belongs within: Pygmephoroidea.

Bakerdania is a genus of pygmephoroid mites characterised by the first two legs being subequal in length and trochanter IV medially constricted.

Characters (from Bee Mite ID): Female with posterior margin of posterior sternal plate entire; leg I subequal with leg II; tergite C not covering prodorsum; two pairs of propodosomal dorsal setae; leg I four-segmented, with tarsus and tibia I fused forming tibiotarsus; two pairs of setae on each coxae I-II; claw I medium-sized, not striated; tarsus IV with claws; trochanter IV subquadrate (not triangular), distinctly constricted in middle part; setae d of femur I modified, slightly widened; pinnaculum on tibiotarsus I absent or present, bearing 1 seta (tc'') or wide, bearing several setae; basal part of gnathosoma not elongated; palps shorter than basal part of gnathosoma; bothridial setae, present, clavate; median genital sclerite absent.

<==Bakerdania Sasa 1961 H98
    |--B. arvorum M83
    |--B. blumentritti K91
    |--B. centriger Z91
    |--B. exigua WL09
    |--B. gracilis M83
    |--B. longiclavata M83
    |--B. mirabilis M83
    |--B. novaezelandica M83
    |--B. quadrata WL09
    |--B. sellnicki M83
    |--B. tarsalis M83
    |--B. togatus M83
    `--B. workandae Southcott 1982 H98

*Type species of generic name indicated


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