Adult Camerotrombidium simile, with close-ups of setae, from Southcott (1994).

Belongs within: Microtrombidiidae.

Camerotrombidium is an Old World genus of microtrombidiid mites with distinctive cup-shaped idiosomal setae in the adult (Southcott 1994).

Characters (from Southcott 1994): Adult middle-sized with well-developed crista, extending only a little behind the sensillary enlargement. Eyes two on each side, subequal, each pair on a small ocular plate. Idiosomal setae arising from well-developed papillae, generally short, chambered, spherical or ovoid, finely setulose, with the extremity an open chamber, hence cup-shaped, not bent over. Palpal tibia with odontus, paradont (one or more), one or more ctenidia, and additional spinisetae. Legs of middling length; tarsi often enlarged, particularly of leg I. Larva with two scuta on dorsum of idiosoma, both with fine longitudinal striations. Anterior scutum with six scutalae and two sensillary setae; lateral border slightly concave. Eyes subequal, each lateral pair on a small ocular plate. Posterior dorsal scutum with two scutalae. Four dorsal idiosomal setae behind posterior dorsal scutum arise from small oval plates; other dorsal idiosomal setae with unexpanded annuli. Coxalae 2, 1, 1; formula BB, B, B. Tarsal claws 3, 3, deformed; claws of I and II simple, without subterminal spurs. Hypostomala short, expanding, with several terminal blunted digitations.

<==Camerotrombidium Thor 1936 H98 (see below for synonymy)
    |--*C. pexatum (Koch 1837) S94 [=Trombidium pexatum S94, *Ottonia pexata T35]
    |--C. carduum Womersley 1945 H98
    |--C. clavodigitatum (Berlese 1916) T36
    |--C. collinum (Hirst 1928) H98 [=Microtrombidium (Enemothrombium) collinum H98, W34, Camerothrombium collinum H98]
    |--C. coniferum (George 1910) (n. d.) [=Ottonia conifera, Microtrombidium coniferum] S94
    |--C. curtulum (Berlese 1910) T36
    |--C. diversum (Berlese 1910) T36
    |--C. kervillei (André 1932) [incl. C. kervillei var. diversipalpis (André 1932)] T36
    |--C. opulentum Womersley 1945 H98
    |--C. rasum (Berlese 1910) H98 (see below for synonymy)
    |--C. sanguineum (Koch 1837) T36
    |--C. simile (Hirst 1928) H98 (see below for synonymy)
    |--C. tectocervix (Oudemans 1903) [=Hydrachna tectocervix, Allothrombidium tectocervix] S94
    |--C. vaginatum Womersley 1945 H98
    |--C. vesiculosum (Thor 1900) T36
    `--C. wyandrae (Hirst 1928) H98 [=Microtrombidium (Enemothrombium) wyandrae H98, W34, Camerothrombium wyandrae H98]

Camerotrombidium Thor 1936 H98 [=Camerothrombidium André 1958 S94, Camerothrombium Womersley 1937 S94, Ottonia Kramer 1877 non Gistl 1848 T35]

Camerotrombidium rasum (Berlese 1910) H98 [=Microtrombidium (Enemothrombium) rasum H98, G96; incl. C. rasum var. robensis Womersley 1945 H98, C. robense S94]

Camerotrombidium simile (Hirst 1928) H98 [=Microtrombidium (Enemothrombium) simile S94, Camerothrombium simile H98; incl. M. (E.) hirsti Womersley 1934 S94, Camerothrombium hirsti H98, Camerotrombidium hirsti H98]

*Type species of generic name indicated


[G96] Gabrys, G. 1996. Does Enemothrombium Berlese, 1910 (Microtrombidiidae) have the right to exist? In: Mitchell, R., D. J. Horn, G. R. Needham & W. C. Welbourn (eds) Acarology IX vol. 1. Proceedings pp. 363–365. Ohio Biological Survey: Columbus (Ohio).

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[S94] Southcott, R. V. 1994. Revision of the larvae of the Microtrombidiinae (Acarina, Microtrombidiidae), with notes on life histories. Zoologica 48 (2): 1–155.

[T35] Thor, S. 1935. Übersicht und Einteilung der Familie Trombidiidae W. E. Leach 1814 in Unterfamilien. Zoologischer Anzeiger 109 (5–6): 107–112.

[T36] Thor, S. 1936. Neue Gattungen in der Familie Trombidiidae W. E. Leach 1814. Zoologischer Anzeiger 114: 29–32.

[W34] Womersley, H. 1934. A revision of the trombid and erythraeid mites of Australia with descriptions of new genera and species. Records of the South Australian Museum 5 (2): 179–254.

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