Eutrombidium sp., copyright Roman.

Belongs within: Microtrombidiidae.

Eutrombidium is a widespread genus of parasitengonine mites recorded from Eurasia, North America and Australia (Walter et al. 2009).

Characters (from Schweizer & Bader 1963): Adult with crista enlarged at midpoint around fine, hair-like sensilla; two eyes on each side, raised only slightly above the body surface on small basal plates; small, pointed naso present anterior to crista; idiosoma wide anteriorly, forming "shoulders", tapered posteriorly with well-developed, oval opisthosomal plate; plumose idiosomal hairs all alike; palps strong, tibia with lateral claws and strong spines, tarsus long; legs densely hairy.

<==Eutrombidium Verdun 1909 WY88
    |--*E. trigonum (Hermann 1804) WY88 (see below for synonymy)
    |--E. australiense Southcott 1993 H98
    |--E. canestrinii SB63
    |    |--E. c. canestrinii SB63
    |    `--E. c. minor Schweizer 1951 SB63
    |--E. frigidum Berlese 1910 SB63
    |    |--E. f. frigidum SB63
    |    `--E. f. quadrispinum Schweizer 1951 SB63
    |--E. lebaroni WL09
    |--E. lockleii Welbourn & Young 1988 WY88
    |--E. locustarum WY88
    |--E. magnum WY88
    |--E. orientale WL09
    `--E. trombidioides [=Ottonia trombidioides] WY88

*Eutrombidium trigonum (Hermann 1804) WY88 [=Trombidium trigonum WY88, Ottonia trigona K01; incl. Pediculus rostratus Scopoli 1763 SB63]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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