Allothrombium sp., photographed by Jesse Rorabaugh.

Belongs within: Trombidiidae.

The Allothrombiinae are a cosmopolitan group of trombidiid mites with large, colourful adults, characterised by the present of a brush-like empodium in association with the tarsal claws.

Characters (from Thor 1935): Adult large, with strong shoulders, rounded, with bristle-like plumose, rarely branched, setae. Two eyes each side of prosoma on long movable stalks. Crista tripartite, broadened at or behind the middle, pitcher or heart-shaped, with large lateral areoles for the two sensilla. Palpi large, with large tibial claw, without secondary claw or comb. Legs short or medium length, brush-like empodium on tarsus, either a pulvillus between the claws or brush-like bristles adjacent to the claws.

<==Allothrombiinae WL09
    |--Dinothrombium Oudemans 1910 Z94, S94 [incl. Angelothrombium Newell & Tevis 1960 F91, Isothrombium André 1949 F91]
    |    |--*D. tinctorium (L. 1767) [=Acarus tinctorius] F91
    |    |--D. dugesi (Trouessart 1894) [=Thrombidium dugesi] H07
    |    |--D. magnificum WP99
    |    |--D. oparbellae (André 1949) [=*Isothrombium oparbellae] F91
    |    |--D. pandorae Newell & Tevis 1958 Z94 [=*Angelothrombium pandorae F91]
    |    |--D. purpureum (Koch 1837) S94 [=Trombidium purpureum S94, Camerotrombidium purpureum T36]
    |    `--D. southcotti Fain 1991 F91
    `--+--Clinotrombium Southcott 1986 Z94, ZF05
       |    |--C. antares Southcott 1986 H98
       |    |--C. bellator Southcott 1986 H98
       |    |--C. commoni Southcott 1986 Z94
       |    `--C. metae (Boshell & Kerr 1942) WY88, M46 [=Allotrombidium metae M46, Allothrombium metae WY88]
       `--Allothrombium Berlese 1903 Z94, S94 [incl. Mesothrombium W34]
            |--*A. fuliginosum (Hermann 1804) [=Trombidium fuliginosum] SB63
            |--A. aequinoctiale Oudemans 1927 O28
            |--A. antipodianum Hirst 1926 H98 (see below for synonymy)
            |--‘Trombidium’ aphidis S61
            |--A. chanaanense CM07
            |--‘Eutrombidium’ corticis WY88
            |--A. cursorium Berlese 1916 B16
            |--A. delicatulum Womersley 1934 H98
            |--A. epiphyllus Shiba 1976 S76
            |--A. gracile Berlese 1910 SB63
            |--A. guttatum Hirst 1928 [incl. A. ornatum Hirst 1928, A. guttatum var. ornatum] H98
            |--A. ignotum Willmann 1956 M62
            |--A. lerouxi Moss 1960 M62
            |--A. meridionale Berlese 1910 GF11
            |--A. mitchelli WL09
            |--A. monspessulanum Z91
            |--A. neapolitum Oudemans 1910 M62
            |--A. ovatum Zhang & Xin 1992 Z94
            |--A. pergrande Berlese 1903 SB63
            |--A. pulvinum Ewing 1917 M62
            |--A. recki S76
            |--A. strigosum O28
            |--A. succinctum Berlese 1916 B16
            |--A. terraereginae Hirst 1926 H98
            |--A. watanabei Shiba 1976 S76
            `--A. wyandrae Hirst 1928 H98

Allothrombiinae incertae sedis:
  Apithrombium Z91
  Austrothrombium Womersley 1934 WL09, H98
    |--A. australiense (Hirst 1929) H98 [=Allothrombium (Mesothrombium) australiense H98, W34]
    |--A. hirsutum (Womersley 1937) [=Xenothrombium hirsutum] H98
    |--A. insigne (Hirst 1928) [=Allothrombium (Mesothrombium) insigne] W34
    |--A. kondininum (Hirst 1928) (see below for synonymy) H98
    |--A. mullewaense Southcott 1986 H98
    |--A. porongorense Southcott 1986 H98
    `--A. scaurum Southcott 1986 H98
  Corethrothrombium Oudemans 1928 T35
  Dolichothrombium Feider 1945 SB63
    |--D. alpinum (Schweizer 1951) [=Dinothrombium alpinum] SB63
    |--D. borceai A91
    `--D. longulum (Willmann 1950) [=Dinothrombium longulum] SB63

Allothrombium antipodianum Hirst 1926 H98 [=A. (*Mesothrombium) antipodianum W34; incl. A. (M.) antipodianum var. olorinum Hirst 1926 W34, A. antipodianum var. olorina H98, A. parvulum Hirst 1929 H98, A. wasseli Hirst 1931 H98]

Austrothrombium kondininum (Hirst 1928) H98 [=Allothrombium antipodianum var. kondininum H98, Al. (Mesothrombium) antipodianum var. kondinium (l. c.) W34, Austrothrombium kondinium (l. c.) H98] H98

*Type species of generic name indicated


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