Scutacarus sp., ventral view, from here.

Belongs within: Pygmephoroidea.

Scutacarus is a genus of scutacarid mites possessing four segments in leg IV.

<==Scutacarus Gros 1845 H98
    `--S. (Scutacarus) M63
         |--S. (S.) apodemi Mahunka 1963 M63
         |--S. (S.) bucephalus Balogh & Mahunka 1963 BM63
         |--S. (S.) ormayi Mahunka 1963 M63
         |--S. (S.) spinosus Storkán 1936 M63
         `--S. (S.) valentini Balogh & Mahunka 1963 BM63

Scutacarus incertae sedis:
  S. acarorum [incl. Disparipes bombi] L86
  S. agypticus L86
  S. australiensis Mahunka 1967 H98
  S. baculitarsus WL09
    |--S. b. baculitarsus K09
    `--S. b. agaricus K09
  S. baloghi Mahunka 1967 H98
  S. bornemisszai Mahunka 1967 H98
  S. cactaeformis Mahunka 1967 H98
  S. canberrai Mahunka 1967 H98
  S. extrovertus Mahunka 1970 SL71
  S. fusiformis Mahunka 1967 H98
    |--S. f. fusiformis H98
    `--S. f. subsimilis Mahunka 1967 H98
  S. hammerae Mahunka 1967 H98
  S. longitarsus Z91
  S. mediotarsus WL09
  S. pannonicus Willmann 1951 [=S. crassisetus pannonicus] H98
  S. quadrangularis (Paoli 1911) [=Variatipes quadrangularis] H98
  S. southcotti Mahunka 1967 H98
  S. sydneyensis Mahunka 1967 H98
  S. szentivanyii Mahunka 1967 H98
  S. talpae [=Disparipes talpae] WL09

*Type species of generic name indicated


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