Oxystophyllum carnosum, copyright Gerard Chartier.

Belongs within: Epidendroideae.

The Eriinae are a group of orchids bearing flowers with a hinged, motile lip and a usually short, massive column with a prominent column foot.

    |  i. s.: Epiblastus A86
    |         Mediocalcar A86
    |         Porpax A86
    |         Sarcostoma A86
    |         Stolzia A86
    |--Eria C03
    |    |--E. alba SS72
    |    |--E. andamanica DAC05
    |    |--E. annulata P03
    |    |--E. bractescens DAC05
    |    |    |--E. b. var. bractescens DAC05
    |    |    `--E. b. var. kurzii DAC05
    |    |--E. (sect. Conchidium) extinctoria (Lindley) Oliv. 1871 [=Dendrobium extinctorium Lindley 1836] DAC05
    |    |--E. javanica C03
    |    |--E. oblitterata P03
    |    |--E. retusa P03
    |    `--E. verruculosa P03
    `--+--Bryobium pubescens C03
       `--Oxystophyllum Blume 1825 (see below for synonymy) C03
            |--*O. rigidum Blume 1825 (see below for synonymy) C03
            |--O. acanthium (Schlechter) Clements 2003 [=Dendrobium acanthium Schlechter 1912] C03
            |--O. ambotiense (Smith) Clements 2003 [=Dendrobium ambotiense Smith 1928] C03
            |--O. araneum (Smith) Clements 2003 [=Dendrobium araneum Smith 1913] C03
            |--O. atropurpureum Blume 1858 [=Dendrobium atropurpureum (Blume) Miquel 1855] C03
            |--O. atrorubens (Ridl.) Clements 2003 [=Dendrobium atrorubens Ridl. 1896] C03
            |--O. bipulvinatum (Smith) Clements 2003 [=Dendrobium bipulvinatum Smith 1913] C03
            |--O. buruense (Smith) Clements 2003 [=Dendrobium excavatum var. buruense Smith 1928] C03
            |--O. capitellatum Clements 2003 [=Dendrobium capitellatum Kraenzlin in Engl. 1910 non Smith 1906] C03
            |--O. carnosum Blume 1825 (see below for synonymy) C03
            |--O. changjiangense (Cheng & Tang) Clements 2003 [=Dendrobium changjiangense Cheng & Tang 1980] C03
            |--O. cultratum (Schlechter) Clements 2003 [=Dendrobium cultratum Schlechter 1911] C03
            |--O. cuneatipetalum (Smith) Clements 2003 [=Dendrobium cuneatipetalum Smith 1927] C03
            |--O. deliense (Schlechter) Clements 2003 [=Dendrobium deliense Schlechter 1912] C03
            |--O. elmeri (Ames) Clements 2003 [=Dendrobium elmeri Ames 1912] C03
            |--O. excavatum Blume 1825 [=Dendrobium excavatum (Blume) Miquel 1855] C03
            |--O. floridanum (Guillaumin) Clements 2003 [=Dendrobium floridanum Guillaumin 1965] C03
            |--O. govidjoae (Schlechter) Clements 2003 [=Dendrobium govidjoae Schlechter 1912] C03
            |--O. hagerupii (Smith) Clements 2003 [=Dendrobium hagerupii Smith 1922] C03
            |--O. helvolum (Smith) Clements 2003 [=Dendrobium helvolum Smith 1912] C03
            |--O. hypodon (Schlechter) Clements 2003 (see below for synonymy) C03
            |--O. kaudernii (Smith) Clements 2003 [=Dendrobium kaudernii Smith 1927] C03
            |--O. lepoense (Schlechter) Clements 2003 [=Dendrobium lepoense Schlechter 1911] C03
            |--O. lockhartioides (Schlechter) Clements 2003 [=Dendrobium lockhartioides Schlechter 1910] C03
            |--O. longipecten (Smith) Clements 2003 [=Dendrobium longipecten Smith 1928] C03
            |--O. minutigibbum (Smith) Clements 2003 [=Dendrobium minutigibbum Smith 1914] C03
            |--O. moluccense (Smith) Clements 2003 [=Dendrobium moluccense Smith 1914] C03
            |--O. nitidiflorum (Smith) Clements 2003 [=Dendrobium nitidiflorum Smith 1913] C03
            |--O. oblongum (Ames & Schweinfurth) Clements 2003 [=Dendrobium oblongum Ames & Schweinfurth 1920] C03
            |--O. oligadenium (Schlechter) Clements 2003 [=Dendrobium oligadenium Schlechter 1910] C03
            |--O. paniferum (Smith) Clements 2003 [=Dendrobium paniferum Smith 1914] C03
            |--O. sinuatum (Lindley) Clements 2003 [=Aporum sinuatum Lindley 1841, Dendrobium sinuatum] C03
            |--O. speculigerum (Schlechter) Clements 2003 [=Dendrobium speculigerum Schlechter 1910] C03
            |--O. subsessile (Schlechter) Clements 2003 [=Dendrobium subsessile Schlechter 1912] C03
            |--O. torricellianum (Kraenzlin) Clements 2003 (see below for synonymy) C03
            |--O. tropidoneuron (Schlechter) Clements 2003 [=Dendrobium tropidoneuron Schlechter 1911] C03
            |--O. tumoriferum (Smith) Clements 2003 [=Dendrobium tumoriferum Smith 1910] C03
            `--O. validipecten (Smith) Clements 2003 [=Dendrobium validipecten Smith 1928] C03

Oxystophyllum Blume 1825 [=Aporum sect. Oxystophyllum (Blume) Brieger 1981, Dendrobium sect. Oxystophyllum (Blume) Miq. 1855] C03

Oxystophyllum carnosum Blume 1825 [=Dendrobium carnosum (Blume) Reichenb. in Walpers 1861 nec Presl. 1827 nec Teijsm. & Binn. 1853] C03

Oxystophyllum hypodon (Schlechter) Clements 2003 [=Dendrobium hypodon Schlechter 1910, Aporum hypodon (Schlechter) Rauschert 1983] C03

*Oxystophyllum rigidum Blume 1825 [=Dendrobium rigidum (Blume) Miquel 1859 nec Brown 1810 nec Lindley 1830, Aporum rigidum (Blume) Brieger 1981] C03

Oxystophyllum torricellianum (Kraenzlin) Clements 2003 [=Dendrobium torricellianum Kraenzlin in Engl. 1910, Aporum torricellianum (Kraenzlin) Rauschert 1983; incl. D. atrorubens Schlechter in Schumann & Lauterb. 1905 non Ridl. 1896, D. simile Schlechter 1906 non Schlechter 1905] C03

*Type species of generic name indicated


[A86] Atwood, J. T. 1986. The size of the Orchidaceae and the systematic distribution of epiphytic orchids. Selbyana 9: 171–186.

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