Selected features of Guntheria kallipygos, from Goff (1980).

Belongs within: Trombiculidae.

Guntheria is a genus of chiggers most commonly parasitic on mammals, more rarely on birds or reptiles, in which larvae have five barbed setae on the palptarsus.

<==Guntheria Womersley 1939 (see below for synonymy) H98
    |--G. agnewi (Domrow 1964) [=Guntherana agnewi] H98
    |--G. alpina (Domrow 1964) [=Guntherana alpina] H98
    |--G. andromeda (Womersley 1954) [=Euschongastia andromeda, Euschoengastia andromeda, Guntherana andromeda] H98
    |--G. antipodianum (Hirst 1929) (see below for synonymy) H98
    |--G. arguri (Goff 1979) [=Zyzomyacarus arguri] H98
    |--G. bamaga Domrow 1978 H98
    |--G. cassiope (Womersley 1952) [=Schoengastia cassiope, Euschoengastia cassiope, Guntherana cassiope] H98
    |--G. coorongensis (Hirst 1929) (see below for synonymy) H98
    |--G. daniae Domrow 1971 H98
    |--G. dasycerci (Hirst 1929) (see below for synonymy) H98
    |--G. derricki (Womersley 1939) (see below for synonymy) H98
    |--G. domrowi (Brennan 1965) [=Guntherana domrowi] H98
    |--G. dumosa (Womersley 1952) (see below for synonymy) H98
    |--G. echymipera (Womersley & Kohls 1947) (see below for synonymy) H98
    |--G. falx Domrow 1971 H98
    |--G. heaslipi (Womersley & Heaslip 1943) (see below for synonymy) H98
    |--G. innisfailensis (Womersley & Heaslip 1943) (see below for synonymy) H98
    |--G. insueta Lester 1984 H98
    |--G. kallipygos (Gunther 1939) (see below for synonymy) H98
    |--G. kethleyi Goff 1979 H98
    |--G. kowanyama Domrow 1978 H98
    |--G. lappacea (Womersley 1952) (see below for synonymy) H98
    |--G. mackerrasae (womersley 1952) (see below for synonymy) H98
    |--G. megale Domrow 1972 H98
    |--G. miles Domrow 1978 H98
    |--G. napierensis (Goff 1979) [=Zyzomyacarus napierensis] H98
    |--G. newmani (Womersley 1952) (see below for synonymy) H98
    |--G. pannosa (Domrow 1960) [=Guntherana pannosa] H98
    |--G. parana (Womersley 1944) [=Guntherana parana] H98
    |--G. parva (Womersley 1954) [=Euschongastia parva, Euschoengastia parva, Guntherana parva] H98
    |--G. perameles (Womersley 1939) (see below for synonymy) H98
    |--G. peregrina (Womersley 1952) [=Schoengastia peregrina, Euschoengastia peregrina, Guntherana peregrina] H98
    |--G. pertinax Domrow 1972 H98
    |--G. petrogale (Womersley 1934) (see below for synonymy) H98
    |--G. petulans (Domrow 1960) [=Guntherana petulans] H98
    |--G. philippensis (Philip & Woodward 1946) (see below for synonymy) H98
    |--G. platalea Domrow 1984 H98
    |--G. pseudomys (Womersley 1952) [=Schoengastia pseudomys, Euschoengastia pseudomys, Guntherana pseudomys] H98
    |--G. quatuor Domrow 1972 [incl. G. weedunnarti Goff 1980] H98
    |--G. queenslandica (Womersley 1939) (see below for synonymy) H98
    |--G. raui (Womersley 1952) [=Schoengastia raui, Ascoschoengastia raui] H98
    |--G. salmleni Domrow 1984 H98
    |--G. scaevola (Domrow 1960) [=Ascoschoengastia scaevola, Guntherana scaevola] H98
    |--G. shareli Domrow 1984 H98
    |--G. shieldsi (Gunther 1941) (see below for synonymy) H98
    |--G. smithi (Womersley 1939) (see below for synonymy) H98
    |--G. sphinx Domrow 1972 H98
    |--G. taylorae (Domrow 1962) [=Guntherana taylorae] H98
    |--G. tessares Domrow 1971 H98
    |--G. tindalei (Womersley 1936) (n. d.) [=Trombicula tindalei, Guntherana tindalei] H98
    |--G. translucens (Womersley 1944) (n. d.) [=Trombicula translucens, Guntherana translucens] H98
    |--G. trichosuri (Womersley 1939) (see below for synonymy) H98
    |--G. vegrandis Domrow 1974 H98
    `--G. wongabelensis (Womersley 1952) (see below for synonymy) H98

Guntheria Womersley 1939 [incl. Derrickiella Audy & Domrow 1957, Domrowella Vercammen-Grandjean 1960, Guntherana Womersley & Heaslip 1943, Zyzomyacarus Goff 1979] H98

Guntheria antipodianum (Hirst 1929) [=Schoengastia antipodianum, Euschoengastia antipodiana, E. antipodianum, Guntherana antipodiana, Neoschoengastia antipodianum] H98

Guntheria coorongensis (Hirst 1929) [=Schoengastia coorongense, Euschoengastia coorongense, E. coorongensis, Guntherana coorongensis, Neoschoengastia coorongensis, Schoengastia coorongensis; incl. Neoschoengastia cairnsensis Womersley & Heaslip 1943, Ascoschoengastia cairnsensis, Euschoengastia cairnsensis, Guntherana cairnsensis, Schoengastia cairnsensis, Neoschoengastia cairnsensis var. gateri Womersley & Heaslip 1943, Euschoengastia cairnensis var. gateri, Euschongastia popei Womersley 1954, Euschoengastia popei, Guntherana waterhousei Vercammen-Grandjean & Langston 1971] H98

Guntheria dasycerci (Hirst 1929) [=Schoengastia dasycerci, Ascoschoengastia dasycerci, Euschoengastia dascycerci, Guntherana dasycerci, Neoschoengastia dasycerci] H98

Guntheria derricki (Womersley 1939) [=Neoschoengastia derricki, Euschoengastia derricki, Schoengastia derricki; incl. Guntherana rex Domrow 1960, Neoschoengastia similis Womersley & Heaslip 1943, Euschoengastia similis, Guntherana similis] H98

Guntheria dumosa (Womersley 1952) [=Schoengastia dumosa, Euschoengastia dumosa, Guntherana dumosa; incl. Euschongastia procana Womersley 1954] H98

Guntheria echymipera (Womersley & Kohls 1947) [=Ascoschoengastia echymipera, Euschoengastia echymipera, Guntherana echymipera, Neoschoengastia echymipera, Schoengastia echymipera] H98

Guntheria heaslipi (Womersley & Heaslip 1943) [=Neoschoengastia heaslipi, Euschoengastia heaslipi, Guntherana heaslipi, Schoengastia heaslipi] H98

Guntheria innisfailensis (Womersley & Heaslip 1943) [=Neoschoengastia innisfailensis, Euschoengastia innisfailensis, Guntherana innisfailensis, Schoengastia innisfailensis; incl. Ascoschoengastia bushlandi Philip 1947, Neoschoengastia bushlandi, N. melomys Womersley & Heaslip 1943] H98

Guntheria kallipygos (Gunther 1939) [=Neoschoengastia kallipygos, Guntherana kallipygos; incl. N. bipygalis Gunther 1939, Guntherana bipygalis, Guntherana cowanenis Vercammen-Grandjean & Langston 1971, Guntheria cowanensis, Guntherana ditrichia Vercammen-Grandjean & Langston 1971, Guntheria ditrichia, Guntherana heterotrichia Vercammen-Grandjean & Langston 1971, Guntheria heterotrichia] H98

Guntheria lappacea (Womersley 1952) [=Schoengastia lappacea, Euschoengastia lappacea, Guntherana lappacea; incl. Guntherana mena Vercammen-grandjean & Langston 1971] H98

Guntheria mackerrasae (womersley 1952) [=Schoengastia mackerrasae, Euschoengastia mackerrasae, Guntherana mackerrasae] H98

Guntheria newmani (Womersley 1952) [=Schoengastia newmani, Euschoengastia newmani, Guntherana newmani; incl. Schoengastia westraliense Womersley 1934 (preoc.), Ascoschoengastia westraliensis, Neoschoengastia westraliense, N. westraliensis, Schoengastia westraliensis] H98

Guntheria perameles (Womersley 1939) [=Neoschoengastia perameles, Ascoschoengastia peramelis (l. c.), Euschoengastia perameles, Guntherana perameles, Schoengastia perameles; incl. Neoschoengastia isoodon Derrick et al. 1939 (n. n.)] H98

Guntheria petrogale (Womersley 1934) [=Schoengastia petrogale, Euschoengastia petrogale, Guntherana petrogale, Neoschoengastia petrogale] H98

Guntheria philippensis (Philip & Woodward 1946) [=Neoschoengastia philippensis, Ascoschoengastia philippinensis (l. c.), Euschoengastia philippensis, Guntherana philippensis, Schoengastia philippensis, S. philippinensis (l. c.)] H98

Guntheria queenslandica (Womersley 1939) [=Neoschoengastia queenslandica, Euschoengastia queenslandica, Guntherana queenslandica, Schoengastia queenslandica; incl. Guntherana podiana Vercammen-Grandjean & Langston 1971] H98

Guntheria shieldsi (Gunther 1941) [=Neoschoengastia shieldsi, Euschoengastia shieldsi, Guntherana shieldsi; incl. Guntherana davidleei Vercammen-Grandjean & Langston 1971, Neoschoengastia hirsti Womersley & Heaslip 1943, Euschoengastia hirsti, Schoengastia hirsti] H98

Guntheria smithi (Womersley 1939) [=Neoschoengastia smithi, Euschoengastia smithi, Guntherana smithi, Schoengastia smithi; incl. Neoschoengastia guntheri Womersley & Heaslip 1943, Schoengastia lawrencei Womersley 1952, Euschoengastia lawrencei, Guntherana lawrencei, Neoschoengastia phascogale Womersley & Heaslip 1943, Ascoschoengastia phascogale, Euschoengastia phascogale, Guntherana phascogale, Schoengastia phascogale] H98

Guntheria trichosuri (Womersley 1939) [=Neoschoengastia westraliense var. trichosuri, Euschoengastia trichosuri, Guntherana trichosuri, Schoengastia trichosuri] H98

Guntheria wongabelensis (Womersley 1952) [=Schoengastia wongabelensis, Euschoengastia wongabelensis, Guntherana wongabelensis; incl. Guntherana athertoni Vercammen-Grandjean & Langston 1971] H98

*Type species of generic name indicated


[H98] Halliday, R. B. 1998. Mites of Australia: A checklist and bibliography. CSIRO Publishing: Collingwood.

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