Metajapyx suterraneus, copyright Christopher C. Wirth.

Belongs within: Diplura.

The Japygidae are a group of diplurans with forcipate cerci and trichobothria on segments 4–6 of the antennae (Condé & Pagés 1991).

Characters (from Condé & Pagés 1991): Trichobothria present on segments 4–6 of antenna; mandible without prostheca; labial palps present; four pairs of thoracic spiracles; pretarsus without empodium on ventral side of the two lateral claws; S1–7 with minute membranous vesicles; cerci one-segmented, forcipate.

    |--Provalljapyx Silvestri 1949 [Provalljapyginae] F90
    |--Japygellinae W39
    |    |--Allurjapyx W39
    |    |--Epijapyx W39
    |    |--Japyginus W39
    |    `--Japygellus W39
    |--Indiajapyginae W39
    |    |--Burmjapyx glauerti W39, WM70
    |    |--Parindjapyx W39
    |    |--Neojapyx W39
    |    `--Indjapyx W39
    `--Japyginae S62
         |--Opisthjapyx W39
         |--Catajapyx W39
         |--Mixojapyx W39
         |--Megajapyx W39
         |--Hecajapyx S62
         |--Occasjapyx japonicus S62, SC17
         |--Austrjapyx S62
         |--Japygianus wheeleri WM70
         |--Japyx Halliday 1863 W39
         |    |--J. solifugus WS10
         |    `--J. westraliense Wom. 1934 W39
         |--Chiljapyx Smith 1962 S62
         |    `--*C. caltagironei Smith 1962 S62
         |--Penjapyx Smith 1962 S62
         |    `--*P. altus Smith 1962 S62
         |--Hapljapyx Silvestri 1948-1949 S62
         |    `--*H. lopesi Silvestri 1948-1949 S62
         |--Nelsjapyx Smith 1962 S62
         |    |--*N. hichinsi Smith 1962 S62
         |    `--N. soldadi Smith 1962 S62
         |--Rossjapyx Smith 1962 S62
         |    |--*R. australis Smith 1962 S62
         |    `--R. anodus (Silvestri 1949) [=Hapljapyx anodus; incl. H. subanodus Silvestri 1949] S62
         |--Valpjapyx Smith 1962 S62
         |    |--*V. botani Smith 1962 S62
         |    `--V. talcae Smith 1962 S62
         |--Teljapyx Silvestri 1949 S62
         |    |--*T. riestrae Silvestri 1949 S62
         |    |--T. megalocerus (Silv. 1901) S62
         |    `--T. profundus Smith 1962 S62
         |--Merojapyx Silvestri 1949 S62
         |    |--*M. speggazzinii Silvestri 1949 S62
         |    |--M. bidentatus [=M. bidentaus (l. c.)] S62
         |    |--M. porteri Silvestri 1949 S62
         |    `--M. riverosi Silvestri 1949 S62
         |--Notojapyx WM70
         |    |--N. mjobergi CP91
         |    `--N. tillyardi CP91
         |         |--N. t. tillyardi CP91
         |         `--N. t. pagesi CP91
         `--Metajapyx W39
              |--M. froggatti (Silvestri 1930) [=Japyx (Metajapyx) froggatti; incl. J. augens Silv. 1930] W39
              |--M. glauerti (Wom. 1934) [=Japyx (Metajapyx) glauerti] W39
              |--M. leae (Silvestri 1930) [=Japyx (Metajapyx) leae] W39
              |--M. longiseta (Silvestri 1908) [=Japyx (Metajapyx) longiseta] W39
              |--M. michaelseni (Silvestri 1930) [=Japyx (Metajapyx) michaelseni] W39
              |--M. mjoebergi (Silvestri 1928) [=Japyx (Metajapyx) mjoebergi] W39
              |--M. nichollsi (Wom. 1934) [=Japyx (Metajapyx) nichollsi] W39
              |--M. onkaparinga (Wom. 1935) [=Japyx (Metajapyx) onkaparinga] W39
              |--M. suterraneus RS10
              `--M. tillyardii (Silvestri 1930) [=Japyx (Metajapyx) tillyardii] W39

*Type species of generic name indicated


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