Dorsum of gnathosoma and distal segments of leg I of female Chelacaropsis moorei, from Baker (1949).

Belongs within: Cheyletidae.

The Acaropsellini are a group of cheyletid mites found in association with plants or soil, or occasionally in bird or rodent nests (Bochkov & Fain 2001).

Characters (from Bochkov & Fain 2001): Gnathosoma well developed, about 30% or more length of idiosoma, without protrusions. Gnathosomal apex with or without short median protuberances. Palpal tarsus of female with one well-developed comb-like seta, one slightly barbed dorsal seta and two well-developed sickle-like ventral setae; male with one shortly barbed seta, one short nude seta and two sickle-like setae. Palpal claws slightly curved medially, with teeth, not thickened. All setae of palpal tibia hair-like. Palpal femur with 3 setae, palpal genu with 2 setae, not fused with femur, without protrusions, ventral seta of palpal genu situated at base of segment. Idiosoma ovoid. Eyes present. Shoulder-like projections of idiosoma absent. All idiosomal setae not exceeding half of idiosomal length. Neotrichial setae present or absent. Length of all legs not exceeding idiosomal length. Legs IV normally developed. Tarsi slender, with knobs not extending to pretarsus. Guard seta of tarsus I short, solenidion ω1 situated in basal half of tarsus I. Solenidions on tibia I-II present. Genu I with rod-like solenidion. Seta v1 of tarsus I situated at same level as solenidion ω1 and guard seta. Pretarsus and claws present on all legs. Apical seta of tarsus I normally long. Tarsal setae p' and p" hair-like. Coxae III with 2 setae. Trochanters I-IV with 1 seta. Distance between coxae II and III less than half of idiosomal width.

<==Acaropsellini [Acaropseini] BF01
    |  i. s.: Acaropsis Moquin-Tandon 1863 B49
    |           |--*A. mericourti (Laboulbene 1851) [=Tyroglyphus mericourti; incl. A. pectinata] B49
    |           |--A. aegyptiaca NK94
    |           |--A. callida Kuzin in Rodendorf 1940 B49
    |           |--A. kulagini Rodendorf 1940 B49
    |           |--A. rufus (Karpelles 1884) [=Cheyletus rufus] B49
    |           |--A. sollers Kuzin in Rodendorfg 1940 B49
    |           `--A. travisi Baker 1949 B49
    |--Neoacaropsis Volgin 1962 BF01
    |--Acaropsella Volgin 1962 BF01
    |    `--A. aegyptiaca E-KO07
    |--Acaropsellina Summers 1976 BF01
    |    `--A. docta (Berlese 1886) [=Cheyletus doctus, Acaropsis docta] H98
    |--Paracaropsis Volgin 1969 BF01
    |    `--P. travisi Baker 1949 BF01
    |--Chelacaropsis Baker 1949 BF01
    |    |--*C. moorei Baker 1949 B49
    |    `--C. terrestris Corpuz-Raros & Sott 1977 C-RSV-S88
    `--+--Atarsacheylus BF01
       |--Chelacheles Baker 1958 BF01
       |    `--C. peritremaculatus QA91
       `--Neochelacheles Smiley & Williams 1972 BF01
            `--N. messersmithi Smiley & Williams 1972 BF01

*Type species of generic name indicated


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[BF01] Bochkov, A. V., & A. Fain. 2001. Phylogeny and system of the Cheyletidae (Acari: Prostigmata) with special reference to their host-parasite associations. Bulletin de l’Institut Royal des Sciences Naturelles de Belgique Entomologie 71: 5–36.

[C-RSV-S88] Corpuz-Raros, L. A., G. C. Sabio & M. Velasco-Soriano. 1988. Mites associated with stored products, poultry houses and house dust in the Philippines. Philippine Entomologist 7 (3): 311–321.

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