Ovigerous female of Ornithocheyletia hallae, from Macchioni (2003).

Belongs within: Cheyletiellidae.

The Ornithocheyletiini are a group of cheyletid mites specialised for parasitism on birds, characterised by enlarged tarsal claws with an apical knob on the dorsum of the tarsus almost completely covering the pretarsus and claws (Bochkov & Fain 2001).

Characters (from Bochkov & Fain 2001): Gnathosoma less than 30% of idiosomal length, without protrusions. Gnathosomal apex with short median protuberances. Palpal tarsi with 4-3 short nude setae. Palpal claws curved ventrolaterally, without teeth, not thickened. All setae of palpal tibia hair-like. Palpal femur with three setae, palpal genu with two setae not fused with femur, without protrusions or with small protrusions. Idiosoma ovate. Eyes absent. Shoulder-like projections of idiosoma absent. All idiosomal setae, excluding 15, not exceeding half of idiosomal length. Neotrichial setae absent. Length of all legs not exceeding idiosomal length. Legs IV normally developed. Tarsi thickened with knobs covering pretarsus. Guard seta of tarsus I hair-like, solenidion ω1 situated in apical half of tarsus I. Tibia I with solenidion. Tibia II without solenidion. Genu I with rod-like solenidion or globular. Seta v1 of tarsus I situated at same level as solenidion ω1 and guard seta. Pretarsus and well-developed claws present on all legs. Apical seta of tarsus I normally long. Tarsal setae p' and p" hair-like, but sometimes deeply dissected or feather-like. Coxae III with 2-1 setae. Trochanters III-IV with or without seta. Distance between coxae II and III less than half of the idiosomal width.

<==Ornithocheyletiini [Ornithocheyletiinae]
    |  i. s.: Ornithocheyla Lawrence 1959 S77
    |           `--*O. megaphallos Lawrence 1959 S77
    |--+--Bakericheyla Volgin 1966 BF01
    |  |    |--*B. chanayi (Berlese & Trouessart 1889) S77 [=Cheyletiella chanayi H98, Neocheyletiella chanayi H98]
    |  |    |    |--B. c. chanayi BF01
    |  |    |    `--B. c. latior BF01
    |  |    |--B. africana BF01
    |  |    |--B. benoiti BF01
    |  |    |--B. faini BF01
    |  |    |--B. subquadrata BF01
    |  |    `--B. transvaalica BF01
    |  `--+--Apodicheles Fain 1976 [Apodichelini] BF01
    |     `--Neocheyletiella Baker 1949 [Neocheyletiellini] BF01
    |          |--*N. rohweri Baker 1949 B49
    |          |--N. aegithali Bochkov & OConnor 2003 MB14
    |          |--N. amandavae Fain 1972 MB14
    |          |--N. ardeola Bochkov & Ochoa 2005 MB14
    |          |--N. artami Domrow 1966 H98
    |          |--N. avicola Fain 1972 MB14
    |          |--N. athene Fain & Bochkov 2002 MB14
    |          |--N. canadensis (Banks 1909) [=Cheyletiella canadensis] B49
    |          |--N. heteropalpus (Megnin 1878) (see below for synonymy) B49
    |          |--N. lonchurae Fain & Bochkov 2002 MB14
    |          |--N. macronycha (Megnin 1878) [=Cheyletus macronycha, Cheletiella macronycha] B49
    |          |--N. media Fain 1972 [incl. N. alfortensis Guilhon & Euzeby 1984] MB14
    |          |--N. megaphallos (Lawrence 1959) MB14
    |          |--N. microrhyncha (Berlese & Trouessart 1889) [=Cheyletiella microrhyncha, Cheletiella microrhyncha] B49
    |          |--N. nectarinia Bochkov & OConnor 2003 MB14
    |          |--N. oudemansi Volgin 1969 [incl. N. callawayae Smiley 1970] S77
    |          |--N. parvisetosa Mertins & Bochkov 2014 MB14
    |          |--N. pinguis (Berlese 1889) [=Cheyletiella pinguis, Cheletiella pinguis] B49
    |          |--N. pittae Fain 1972 MB14
    |          |--N. queleae Fain & Bochkov 2002 MB14
    |          |--N. siva Fain 1972 MB14
    |          |--N. smallwoodae Baker 1949 B49
    |          `--N. vestergaardi Smiley 1977 S77
    `--Ornithocheyletia Volgin 1964 BF01
         |--*O. dubinini Volgin 1964 S77
         |--O. aitkeni BF01
         |--O. argentinensis BF01
         |--O. barri Smiley 1977 S77
         |--O. canadensis BF01
         |--O. eulabes BF01
         |--O. francolini BF01
         |--O. garrulax BF01
         |--O. geopeliae BF01
         |--O. gersoni S77
         |--O. granatina BF01
         |--O. hallae BF01
         |    |--O. h. hallae BF01
         |    `--O. h. similis BF01
         |--O. lamprocolius BF01
         |--O. lawrenceae Smiley 1970 H98
         |--O. lepidus BF01
         |--O. leiothrix BF01
         |--O. lichmerae Smiley 1984 [=Orinthocheyletia (l. c.) lichmerae] H98
         |--O. lonchurae Smiley 1984 H98
         |--O. lukoschusi BF01
         |--O. mironovi BF01
         |--O. phylloscopi BF01
         |--O. pinguis BF01
         |--O. psittaci BF01
         |    |--O. p. psittaci BF01
         |    `--O. p. poicephali BF01
         |--O. psittaculae BF01
         |--O. smileyi BF01
         `--O. volgini S77

Neocheyletiella heteropalpus (Megnin 1878) [=Cheyletus heteropalpus, Cheletiella heteropalpa, Cheyletiella heteropalpus] B49

*Type species of generic name indicated


[B49] Baker, E. W. 1949. A review of the mites of the family Cheyletidae in the United States National Museum. Proceedings of the United States National Museum 99 (3238): 267–320.

[BF01] Bochkov, A. V., & A. Fain. 2001. Phylogeny and system of the Cheyletidae (Acari: Prostigmata) with special reference to their host-parasite associations. Bulletin de l’Institut Royal des Sciences Naturelles de Belgique Entomologie 71: 5–36.

[H98] Halliday, R. B. 1998. Mites of Australia: A checklist and bibliography. CSIRO Publishing: Collingwood.

[MB14] Mertins, J. W., & A. V. Bochkov. 2014. Key to species of the genus Neocheyletiella (Acariformes: Cheyletidae), with description of a new species. Journal of Medical Entomology 51 (6): 1116–1121.

[S77] Smiley, R. L. 1977. Further studies on the family Cheyletiellidae (Acarina). Acarologia 19 (2): 225–241.

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