Phloeotribus scarabaeoides, photographed by P. Falatico.

Belongs within: Hylesininae.

Phloeotribus is a genus of monogamous, phloeophagous bark beetles found in the Holarctic, South America and Australia (Wood 1986).

Characters (from Wood 1986): Frons sexually dimorphic, male variously impressed, female flat to convex; eye entire; funicle five-segmented, club almost non-existent to strongly asymmetrical, deeply divided into three movable sublammelate segmentes, ventral or lateral margin of each antennal club segment often weakly to profoundly extended into a sublamellate process; lateral margins of pronotum rounded; procoxae contiguous; lateral margin of protibia with several socketed teeth, none strongly projecting beyond others (one exception); metatergum fused to its postnotum.

<==Phloeotribus Latreille 1796 (see below for synonymy) W86
    |--P. scarabaeoides [=Scolytus scarabaeoides; incl. Hylesinus oleae, *Phloeotribus oleae] W86
    |--P. brevicollis [=Bostrichus brevicollis; incl. *Comesiella sicula] W86
    |--P. caucasicus W86
    |--P. championi [=*Eulytocerus championi] W86
    |--P. crenatus [=*Elzearius crenatus] W86
    |--P. nubilus [=*Neophloeotribus nubilus] W86
    |--P. perfoliatus [=*Phloeophthorus perfoliatus] W86
    |--P. pilula W86
    |--P. puberulus [=*Dryotomus puberulus, *Dryotomicus puberulus] W86
    |--P. rhododactylus W86
    |--P. setulosus W86
    `--P. spinulosus [=Phloeophthorus spinulosus, *Phthorophloeus spinulosus] W86

Phloeotribus Latreille 1796 [=Phloiotribus; incl. Comesiella Del Guercio 1925, Dryotomicus Wood 1962, Dryotomus Chapuis 1869, Elzearius Guillebeau 1893, Eulytocerus Blandford 1897, Neophloeotribus Eggers 1943, Phloeophthorus Wollaston 1854, Phthorophloeus Rey 1883] W86

*Type species of generic name indicated


[W86] Wood, S. L. 1986. A reclassification of the genera of Scolytidae (Coleoptera). Great Basin Naturalist Memoirs 10: 1-126.

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