Male Mnesarchaea acuta, photographed by George Gibbs.

Belongs within: Glossata.

The Exoporia is a smaller but morphologically diverse group of moths, varying from the small Mnesarchaea to the large ghost moths of the Hepialidae. Nevertheless, the group is supported by a number of morphological synapomorphies, including a female genital system with separate egg-laying and copulatory openings, with sperm transferred externally along a furrow (Wiegmann et al. 2002).

<==Exoporia [Hepialina]
    |--Mnesarchaea [Mnesarchaeidae, Mnesarchaeoidea] WRM02
    |    |--M. acuta WRM02
    |    |--M. fallax Philpott 1927 P27a
    |    |--M. fusca Philpott 1922 P27b
    |    |--M. hamadelpha Meyr. 1888 P27b
    |    |--M. loxoscia Meyr. 1888 P27b
    |    |--M. paracosma Meyr. 1886 P27b
    |    `--M. similis Philpott 1924 P27b
    `--Hepialoidea WRM02
         |--Palaeosetidae DS73
         |--Prototheoridae DS73
         |    |--Prototheora petrosema P27c
         |    `--Metatheora corvifera P27c
         `--Hepialidae GE05
              |--Aenetus virescens GE05, G01
              |--Trictena labyrinthica P27c
              |--Perrissectis australasiae P27c
              |--Oncopera mitocera P27c
              |--Leto staceyi GE05, P27c
              |--Pielus hyalinatus P27c
              |--Charagia virescens P27c
              |--Prohepialis GE05
              |--Fraus AY04
              |--Zelotypia AY04
              |--Oxycanus cervinatus D49
              |--Pharmacis fusconebulosa (De Geer 1778) JP05
              |--Korscheltellus WRM02
              |    |--K. gracilis WRM02
              |    `--K. lupulina (Linnaeus 1758) JP05
              |--Sthenopis WRM02
              |    |--S. argenteomaculatus P27c
              |    `--S. quadriguttatus WRM02
              |--Hepialus P27c
              |    |--H. gracilis P27c
              |    `--H. humuli P27c
              |--Wiseana M83
              |    |--W. cervinata M83
              |    |--W. signata H74
              |    `--W. umbraculata H74
              |--Porina P27a
              |    |--P. dinodes P27c
              |    |--P. fuscomaculata P27c
              |    |--P. jocosa P27c
              |    |--P. leonina Philpott 1927 P27a
              |    `--P. signata P27c
              `--Hectomanes P27c
                   |--H. bilineata P27c
                   |--H. crocea P27c
                   |--H. fusca P27c
                   |--H. polyspila P27c
                   `--H. simulans P27c

*Type species of generic name indicated


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