Male Mnesarchaea acuta, photographed by George Gibbs.

Belongs within: Glossata.
Contians: Hepialidae.

The Exoporia are a relatively small but morphologically diverse group of moths, varying from the small Mnesarchaea to the large ghost moths of the Hepialidae. The group is supported by a number of morphological synapomorphies including a female genital system with separate egg-laying and copulatory openings with sperm transferred externally along a furrow (Wiegmann et al. 2002). The genus Mnesarchaea is endemic to New Zealand with larvae that feed on detritus among forest leaf litter (Grimaldi & Engel 2005). It differs from other Exoporia in its small size, narrow lanceolate fore wings, and retention of functional (albeit reduced) mouthparts in the adult.

Exoporia [Hepialina]
    |--Mnesarchaea [Mnesarchaeidae, Mnesarchaeoidea] WRM02
    |    |--M. acuta WRM02
    |    |--M. fallax Philpott 1927 P27a
    |    |--M. fusca Philpott 1922 P27b
    |    |--M. hamadelpha Meyr. 1888 P27b
    |    |--M. loxoscia Meyr. 1888 P27b
    |    |--M. paracosma Meyr. 1886 P27b
    |    `--M. similis Philpott 1924 P27b
    `--Hepialoidea WRM02
         |--Neotheoridae NC91
         |--Anomoses [Anomosetidae] NC91
         |    `--A. hylecoetes NC91
         |--Prototheoridae NC91
         |    |--Prototheora petrosema P27c
         |    `--Metatheora corvifera P27c
         |--Palaeosetidae NC91
         |    |--Palaeoses scholastica NC91
         |    |--Ogygioses NC91
         |    |--Genustes NC91
         |    `--Osrhoes Druce 1900 NC91, D00
         |         `--*O. coronta Druce 1900 D00
         `--Hepialidae GE05

*Type species of generic name indicated


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Last updated: 25 April 2022.

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