Perilampus, photographed by Graham Montgomery.

Belongs within: Perilampidae.

The Perilampinae are a group of endoparasitoid wasps characterised by a short and immobile pronotum forming a sharply fronted collar. Perilampines include both primary parasites and hyperparasites. The mobile planidium larva of a hyperparasitic species seeks out a suitable primary host of its eventual target, but upon entering the primary host it must either find it already parasitised or wait for its own host to arrive before the perilampine perishes (Bouček 1988). The prepectus is reduced in members of the genus Euperilampus but remains large in species of Perilampus and Monacon (Bouček 1988).

Characters (from Bouček 1988): Clypeus large, well delimited, also supraclypeal area mostly conspicuous. Mandibles strong, the left with 2, right with 3 large teeth. Antennae 13-segmented, formula 11173. Prepectus fused with pronotum, the latter forming a conspicuous dorsal belt (collar) separated by a subrectangular edge from the vertical or even slightly hollowed collum. Thorax dorsally with coarse piliferous puncturation. Pilosity of wings extensive and not differentiated. Gastral body short and strongly convex, triquetrous owing to dorsal fusion of the first two tergites which cover most of the dorsal side of gaster.

Perilampinae HB13
    |--Krombeinius B88
    |--Euperilampus Walker 1871 [incl. Euperilampoides Girault 1915, Nesoperilampus Rohwer 1923] B88
    |    |--*E. gloriosus [=Perilampus gloriosus] B88
    |    |--E. beharae MH11
    |    |--E. scutellatus (Girault 1915) (see below for synonymy) B88
    |    `--E. triangularis HB13
    `--Perilampus Latreille 1809 B88
         |  i. s.: *P. violaceus [=Diplolepis violacea] B88
         |         P. alienus Riek 1966 B88
         |         P. aquilonaris Girault 1915 [incl. P. saintjusti Girault 1930] B88
         |         P. australis Girault 1915 B88
         |         P. brisbanensis Girault 1915 B88
         |         P. cairnsensis Girault 1913 (see below for synonymy) B88
         |         P. capensis Girault 1913 [incl. P. australiensis Girault 1913] B88
         |         P. chlorinus MS01
         |         P. chrysopae A71
         |         P. dentatinotum Girault 1928 B88
         |         P. dipterophagus Riek 1966 B88
         |         P. emersoni Girault 1930 B88
         |         P. franzmanni Galloway 1983 B88
         |         P. glabrifrons Riek 1966 B88
         |         P. levifacies Girault & Dodd in Girault 1915 B88
         |         P. microgastris B88
         |         P. mirabeaui Girault 1930 B88
         |         P. montanus Riek 1966 B88
         |         P. nigriventris MS01
         |         P. nigronitidus Riek 1966 B88
         |         P. philembia R00
         |         P. saleius Walker 1839 [incl. P. queenslandensis Girault 1913, P. reliquus Girault 1915] B88
         |         P. tasmanicus Cameron 1912 B88
         |         P. tassoni Girault 1922 B88
         |         P. violaceus MS01
         |--+--P. subcarinatus HB13
         |  `--P. tristis HB13
         `--+--Steffanolampus salicetum HB13
            `--+--+--P. fulvicornis MH11
               |  `--P. ruficornis MH11
               |--+--Burksilampus MH11
               |  |--P. regalis MH11
               |  `--+--P. granulosus MH11
               |     `--P. hyalinus HB13
               `--Monacon Waterston 1922 HB13, B88
                    |  i. s.: *M. productum B88
                    |         M. naso Bouček 1980 B88
                    |         M. platypodis Bouček 1980 B88
                    |         M. simplex Bouček 1980 B88
                    |         M. tasmaniense Bouček 1988 B88
                    |         M. tricorne Bouček 1980 B88
                    |--M. canaliculatum MH11
                    `--+--M. robertsi Bouček 1980 MH11, B88
                       `--M. spinosum (Dodd & Girault in Girault 1915) MH11, B88 [=Perilampus spinosus B88]

Euperilampus scutellatus (Girault 1915) [=*Euperilampoides scutellatus; incl. Euperilampoides concinnus Masi 1927, Euperilampoides nepalensis Mani & Kaul in Mani, Dubey et al. 1983, *Nesoperilampus typicus Rohwer 1923] B88

Perilampus cairnsensis Girault 1913 [incl. P. cupreovarius Girault 1927, P. frater Girault 1922, P. miltoni Girault 1922, P. mittagongensis Girault 1913, P. tasmaniensis Girault 1913] B88

*Type species of generic name indicated


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