Male Corthylus, photographed by WonGun Kim.

Belongs within: Scolytinae.

The Corthylina is a group of xylomycetophagous (feeding on wood-growing fungi) bark beetles (Wood 1986).

Characters (from Wood 1986): Antennal funicle one- to five-segmented, club usually much larger, commonly asymmetrical; prosternal intercoxal piece absent (except obtuse in Gnathotrichus, Gnathotrupes); pubescence usually greatly reduced to obsolete or minute and strongly confused (not in rows); elytral declivity convex to truncate to deeply excavated (weakly bisulcate in some Gnathotrichus), commonly with spinelike processes.

<==Corthylina W86
    |--Gnatharus Wood & Yin 1986 W86
    |    `--*G. tibetensis W86
    |--Glochinocerus Blandford 1904 W86
    |    `--*G. retusipennis W86
    |--Brachyspartus Ferrari 1867 [=Thylurcos Schedl 1939] W86
    |    `--*B. moritzi [=*Thylurcos moritzi] W86
    |--Microcorthylus Ferrari 1867 W86
    |    `--*M. parvulus W86
    |--Corthycyclon Schedl 1951 W86
    |    `--*C. ustum W86
    |--Corthylocurus Wood 1966 W86
    |    `--*C. barbatus [=Brachyspartus barbatus] W86
    |--Metacorthylus Blandford 1904 W86
    |    |--*M. nigripennis W86
    |    `--M. velutinus [=*Paracorthylus velutinus] W86
    |--Amphicranus Erichson 1836 [incl. Piezorhopalus Guerin-Meneville 1838, Steganocranus Eichhoff 1878] W86
    |    |--*A. thoracicus [incl. *Piezorhopalus nitidulus] W86
    |    `--A. dohrni [=*Steganocranus dohrni] W86
    |--Tricolus Blandford 1905 [incl. Pterocyclonoides Schedl 1970] W86
    |    |--*T. ovicollis W86
    |    |--T. octodentatus [=*Pterocyclonoides octodentatus] W86
    |    `--T. peltatus W86
    |--Gnathotrichus Eichhoff 1869 (see below for synonymy) W86
    |    |--G. materiarius (see below for synonymy) W86
    |    |--G. pilosus [=Cryphalus pilosus, *Ancyloderes pilosus] W86
    |    |--G. primus [=*Prognathotrichus primus] W86
    |    `--‘Cryphalus’ sulcatus [=*Gnathotrichoides sulcatus] W86
    |--Gnathotrupes Schedl 1951 (see below for synonymy) W86
    |    |--*G. bolivianus W86
    |    |--G. caliculus [=*Gnathocortus caliculus] W86
    |    |--G. impressus [=*Gnathoglochinus impressus] W86
    |    |--G. nothofagi [=*Gnathomimus nothofagi] W86
    |    `--G. terebratus [=*Gnathotrypanus terebratus] W86
    |--Monarthrum Kirsch 1866 (see below for synonymy) W86
    |    |--*M. chapuisi W86
    |    |--M. cincinnatum [=*Trypocranus cincinnatus] W86
    |    |--M. comatum [=*Eupteroxylon comatum] W86
    |    |--M. cristatum [=*Cosmocorynus cristatus] W86
    |    |--M. fasciatum [=Bostrichus fasciatus, *Corthylomimus fasciatus] W86
    |    |--M. ingens [=*Phthorius ingens] W86
    |    |--M. laterale [=*Pterocyclon laterale] W86
    |    `--M. rufipes [=*Anchonocerus rufipes] W86
    `--Corthylus Erichson 1836 [incl. Morizus Ferrari 1867, Pseudocorthylus Ferrari 1867] W86
         |--*C. compressicornis [=Bostrichus compressicornis] W86
         |--C. cecropii W86
         |--C. concisus W86
         |--C. emarginatus W86
         |--C. excisus [=*Morizus excisus] W86
         |--C. letzneri [=*Pseudocorthylus letzneri] W86
         |--C. panamensis W86
         |--C. procerus W86
         |--C. serratus W86
         `--C. subserratus W86

Gnathotrichus Eichhoff 1869 [incl. Ancyloderes Blackman 1938, Gnathotrichoides Blackman 1931, Paraxyleborus Hoffmann 1942, Prognathotrichus Bright 1972] W86

Gnathotrichus materiarius [=Tomicus materiarius; incl. *G. corthyloides, Xyleborus duprezi, *Paraxyleborus duprezi] W86

Gnathotrupes Schedl 1951 [incl. Gnathocortus Schedl 1975, Gnathoglochinus Schedl 1975, Gnathomimus Schedl 1975, Gnathotrypanus Wood 1968] W86

Monarthrum Kirsch 1866 [incl. Anchonocerus Eichhoff 1878, Corthylomimus Ferrari 1867, Cosmocorynus Ferrari 1867, Eupteroxylon Eggers 1936, Phthorius Eichhoff 1878, Pterocyclon Eichhoff 1869, Trypocranus Eichhoff 1878] W86

*Type species of generic name indicated


[W86] Wood, S. L. 1986. A reclassification of the genera of Scolytidae (Coleoptera). Great Basin Naturalist Memoirs 10: 1-126.

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