Lodgepole cone beetle Conophthorus ponderosae, from here.

Belongs within: Pityophthorina.

Conophthorus is a North American genus of bark beetles feeding on seeds in cones of Pinus species (Wood 1986).

Characters (from Wood 1986): Body length 2.2–4.1 mm. Sutures 1 and 2 of antennal club aseptate and clearly marked by grooves and rows of setae; basal margins of pronotum marked by a finely raised line, lateral margins rounded without raised line, pronotal asperities continuing in lateral areas to base.

<==Conophthorus Hopkins 1915 W86
    |--+--C. conicolens CG05
    |  `--C. teocotum CG05
    `--+--+--C. ponderosae [incl. C. contortae, C. flexilis, C. lambertianae, C. monticolae, C. scopulorum] CG05
       |  `--C. radiatae CG05
       `--+--+--+--C. apachecae CG05
          |  |  `--C. michoacanae CG05
          |  `--+--C. edulis [incl. C. cembroides] CG05
          |     `--C. monophyllae CG05
          `--+--C. terminalis CG05
             `--+--C. echinatae CG05
                `--+--*C. coniperda W86, CG05 [=Pityophthorus coniperda W86; incl. C. clunicus CG05, C. taedae CG05]
                   |--C. mexicanus CG05
                   `--C. resinosae [incl. C. banksianae, C. virginianae] CG05

*Type species of generic name indicated


[CG05] Cognato, A. I., N. E. Gillette, R. C. BolaƱos & F. A. H. Sperling. 2005. Mitochondrial phylogeny of pine cone beetles (Scolytinae, Conophthorus) and their affiliation with geographic area and host. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 36: 494-508.

[W86] Wood, S. L. 1986. A reclassification of the genera of Scolytidae (Coleoptera). Great Basin Naturalist Memoirs 10: 1-126.

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