Synnemata of Ophiostoma ulmi, the causative organism of Dutch elm disease, from here.

Belongs within: Sordariomycetidae.

The Ophiostomatales are a group of fungi producing spores that are dispersed by associated insects; among the Ophiostomatales are many of the ambrosia fungi found in association with bark beetles.

Characters (from von Arx & van der Walt): Thin dikaryotic hyphae with septa with simple pores; small, evanescent asci in perithecial ascomata that usually have long beaks through which the ascospores are extruded as a sticky, mucoid mass; small, pale ascospores without germ pores, dispersed by associated insects.

    |  i. s.: Sporothrix JKW03
    |           |--S. albicans SL02
    |           `--S. schenckii JKW03
    |         ‘Graphium’ album JKW03
    |         ‘Phialocephala’ fusca JC03
    |         ‘Phialocephala’ xalapensis JC03
    |--Kathistes [Kathistaceae] EB03
    |    |--K. analemmoides HWB03
    |    `--K. clyculata HWB03
    `--Ophiostomataceae EB03
         |--Fragosphaeria EB03
         |--Klaterskya EB03
         |--Spumatoria EB03
         |--Subbaromyces EB03
         |--anam. Pesotum JKW03
         `--Ophiostoma [anam. Leptographium] JKW03
              |--O. bicolor SL02
              |--O. francke-grossmanniae JC03
              |--O. ips SL02
              |--anam. Leptographium lundbergii JC03
              |--O. novoulmi SL02
              |--O. piliferum JC03
              |--O. quercus SL02
              |--O. stenoceras JKW03
              `--O. ulmi JKW03

*Type species of generic name indicated


[EB03] Eriksson, O. E., H. O. Barah, R. S. Currah, K. Hansen, C. P. Kurtzman, G. Rambold & T. Laessøe (eds.) 2003. Outline of Ascomycota—2003. Myconet 9: 1-89.

[HWB03] Henk, D. A., A. Weir & M. Blackwell. 2003. Laboulbeniopsis termitarius, an ectoparasite of termites newly recognized as a member of the Laboulbeniomycetes. Mycologia 95 (4): 561-564.

[JC03] Jacobs, A., M. P. A. Coetzee, B. D. Wingfield, K. Jacobs & M. J. Wingfield. 2003. Phylogenetic relationships among Phialocephala species and other ascomycetes. Mycologia 95 (4): 637-645.

[JKW03] Jacobs, K., T. Kirisits & M. J. Wingfield. 2003. Taxonomic re-evaluation of three related species of Graphium, based on morphology, ecology and phylogeny. Mycologia 95 (4): 714-727.

[SL02] Schweigkofler, W., K. Lopandic, O. Molnár & H. Prillinger. 2002. Analysis of phylogenetic relationships among Ascomycota with yeast phases using ribosomal DNA sequences and cell wall sugars. Organisms Diversity & Evolution 2: 1-17.

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