Pityophthorus lichtensteini, from Bugwood.org.

Belongs within: Scolytinae.
Contains: Conophthorus.

The Pityophthorina are a group of bark beetles including phloeophagous, myelophagous or spermophagous species. Their feeding habits distinguish the Pityophthorina from their close relatives in the Corthylina, though the two groups are less clearly distinct morphologically (Wood 1986).

Characters (from Wood 1986): Antennal funicle five-segmented (except three- or four-segmented in Dendroterus, Dacnophthorus and some Pityophthorus costatus), club usually smaller, symmetrical; prosternal intercoxal piece acutely pointed (except obsolete in Dacnophthorus); pubescence usually more abundant, usually in rows on elytra; elytral declivity mostly convex to bisulcate; armature conservative.

<==Pityophthorina W86
    |--Pseudopityophthorus Swaine 1918 CG05, W86
    |    |--*P. minutissimus [=Crypturgus minutissimus] W86
    |    `--P. pubipennis CG05
    |--Dendroterus Blandford 1904 CG05, W86 [incl. Plesiophthorus Schedl 1940 W86, Xylochilus Schedl 1956 W86]
    |    |--*D. mexicanus W86
    |    |--D. perspectus [=*Plesiophthorus perspectus] W86
    |    |--D. sallaei [incl. *Xylochilus insularis] W86
    |    `--D. striatus CG05
    `--+--Conophthorus CG05
       `--Pityophthorus Eichhoff 1864 CG05, W86 (see below for synonymy)
            |--*P. lichtensteini [=Bostrichus lichtensteini] W86
            |--P. arakii [=*Cladoborus arakii] W86
            |--P. blackmani [=*Conophthocranulus blackmani] W86
            |--P. brasiliensis [=*Breviophthorus brasiliensis] W86
            |--P. crotonis W86
            |--P. dimorphus [incl. *Neomips brasiliensis] W86
            |--P. fallax [=*Trigonogenius fallax, *Hagedornus fallax] W86
            |--P. glabratulus [=*Ctenyophthorus glabratulus] W86
            |--P. inops [=*Hypopityophthorus inops] W86
            |--P. pudens [=*Pityophthoroides pudens] W86
            |--P. ramiperda [=*Myeloborus ramiperda] W86
            |--P. schwerdtfergeri CG05
            |--P. setosus CG05
            `--P. sparsepilosus [=*Gnathophorus sparsepilosus, *Gnathophthorus sparsepilosus] W86

Pityophthorina incertae sedis:
  Dacnophthorus Wood 1975 W86
    `--*D. clematis [=Gnathophthorus clematis] W86
  Mimiocurus Schedl 1957 [incl. Micracidendron Schedl 1957, Mimiophthorus Schedl 1957] W86
    |--*M. acuminatus W86
    |--M. montanus [=Brachydendrulus montanus, *Mimiophthorus montanus] W86
    `--*Micracidendron’ montanum non Brachydendrulus montanus W86
  Styphlosoma Blandoford 1904 W86
    `--*S. granulatum W86
  Phloeoterus Wood 1984 W86
    `--*P. burserae W86
  Araptus Eichhoff 1872 (see below for synonymy) W86
    |--*A. rufopalliatus W86
    |--A. argentiniae [=Breviophthorus argentiniae, *Gnathoborus argentiniae] W86
    |--A. costaricensis W86
    |--A. eggersi [=*Brachydendrulus eggersi] W86
    |--A. hymeneae [=*Neodryocoetes hymenaeae] W86
    |--A. laevigatus [=Pityophthorus laevigatus, *Neopityophthorus laevigatus] W86
    |--A. limax [=*Sphenoceros limax; incl. *Hypertensus reitteri (n. n.)] W86
    |--A. novateutonicus [=*Gnathocranus novateutonicus] W86
    `--A. volastos [=*Thamnophthorus volastos] W86
  Spermophthorus Costa Lima 1929 W86
    `--*S. apuleiae W86
  Pityoborus Blackman 1922 W86
    `--*P. comatus [=Crypturgus comatus] W86
  Pityotrichus Wood 1962 [=Pityophilus Blackman 1928 (preoc.)] W86
    `--*P. barbatus [=*Pityophilus barbatus] W86
  Gnatholeptus Blackman 1943 W86
    `--G. shannoni [=Pityophthorus shannoni; incl. *Gnatholeptus mandibularis]
  Pityodendron Schedl 1953 W86
    `--*P. madagascarensis W86
  Sauroptilius Browne 1970 W86
    `--*S. sauropterus [=Xyleborus sauropterus] W86
  Phelloterus Wood 1971 W86
    `--*P. tersus W86

Araptus Eichhoff 1872 [incl. Brachydendrulus Schedl 1951, Gnathoborus Schedl 1970, Gnathocranus Schedl 1951, Hypertensus Hagedorn in Schedl 1950 (n. n.), Neodryocoetes Eggers 1933, Neopityophthorus Schedl 1938, Sphenoceros Schedl 1939, Thamnophthorus Schedl 1938] W86

Pityophthorus Eichhoff 1864 CG05, W86 [incl. Breviophthorus Schedl 1938 W86, Cladoborus Sawamoto 1942 W86, Conophthocranulus Schedl 1935 W86, Ctenyophthorus Schedl 1955 W86, Gnathophorus Schedl 1935 (preoc.) W86, Gnathophthorus Wood 1962 W86, Hagedornus Lucas 1920 W86, Hypopityophthorus Bright 1981 W86, Myeloborus Blackman 1928 W86, Neomips Schedl 1954 W86, Pityophthoroides Blackman 1942 W86, Trigonogenius Hagedorn 1912 W86]

*Type species of generic name indicated


[CG05] Cognato, A. I., N. E. Gillette, R. C. BolaƱos & F. A. H. Sperling. 2005. Mitochondrial phylogeny of pine cone beetles (Scolytinae, Conophthorus) and their affiliation with geographic area and host. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 36: 494-508.

[W86] Wood, S. L. 1986. A reclassification of the genera of Scolytidae (Coleoptera). Great Basin Naturalist Memoirs 10: 1-126.

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