Osprey Pandion haliaetus carrying nesting material, photographed by Larry Meade.

Belongs within: Anomalogonatae.
Contains: Elaninae, Perninae, Aegypiinae, Circaetinae, Aquilinae, Buteoninae, Milvinae, Haliaeetus, Accipiter.

The Accipitridae include kites, hawks, eagles and related birds of prey. This is a diverse family of raptors whose members usually have wings that are rounded at the tips, and a beak without a notch in the upper bill (Austin 1961). The basalmost member of the family as recognised here is the osprey Pandion haliaetus, a specialised fish-eating species that is often regarded as distinct enough to be placed in its own separate family. Other distinctive members of the family include the African harrier-hawks of the genus Polyboroides, grey, gracile raptors with highly mobile intertarsal joints that allow them to extract prey from tight retreats (Naish 2010).

<==Accipitridae [Accipitriformes, Accipitroidea] JT12
    |--Pandion Savigny 1809 JT12, B94 [Pandionidae, Pandioninae]
    |    `--P. haliaetus (Linnaeus 1758) [=Falco haliaetus] WS48
    |         |--P. h. haliaetus S13
    |         |--P. h. carolinensis S18
    |         |--P. h. cristatus (Vieillot 1816) [=Buteo cristatus] WS48
    |         |--P. h. leucocephalus S13
    |         `--P. h. melvillensis Mathews 1912 WS48
    `--+--Elaninae LM05
       `--+--+--Polyboroides Smith 1829 LM05, B94 [incl. Gymnogenys Lesson 1830 B94; Gymnogenyinae, Polyboroidinae]
          |  |    |--P. radiatus N10 [=Gymnogenys radiatus S66]
          |  |    `--P. typus N10
          |  `--+--Perninae LM05
          |     `--Gypaetinae LM05
          |          |--Gypohierax Rüppell 1836 LM05, B94 [incl. Racama Gray 1840 B94; Gypohieracinae, Racaminae]
          |          |    `--G. angolensis WH02
          |          `--+--Eutriorchis astur LM05
          |             `--+--Gypaetus Storr 1784 LM05, M02
          |                |    `--G. barbatus (Linnaeus 1758) [=Vultur barbatus] M02
          |                `--Neophron Savigny 1809 LM05, B94 (see below for synonymy)
          |                     |--N. percnopterus WH02
          |                     `--N. pileatus D66
          `--+--+--Aegypiinae LM05
             |  `--Circaetinae LM05
             `--+--Macheiramphus Bonaparte 1850 WH02, B94 (see below for synonymy)
                |    `--M. alcinus [incl. Stringonyx anderssoni Gurney 1865] Ba66
                `--+--+--Aquilinae LM05
                   |  `--Harpiinae LM05
                   |       |--Harpyopsis Salvadori 1875 LM05, B94 [Harpyopseinae]
                   |       |    `--H. novaeguineae LM05
                   |       `--+--Harpia Vieillot 1816 LM05, B94 [incl. Thrasaetos Bonaparte 1838 B94; Thrasaetinae]
                   |          |    `--H. harpyja N10 [=Thrasaetus harpyia S18]
                   |          `--Morphnus Dumont 1816 LM05, B94 [Morphninae]
                   |               `--M. guianensis WH02
                   `--+--‘Accipiter’ trivirgatus JT12
                      `--+--+--Harpagus Vigors 1824 JT12, B94 [Harpaginae]
                         |  |    |--H. bidentatus JT12
                         |  |    `--H. diodon JT12
                         |  `--+--Buteoninae LM05
                         |     `--+--Milvinae LM05
                         |        `--Haliaeetus LM05
                         `--+--Accipitrinae LM05
                            |    |--Accipiter LM05
                            |    |--Megatriorchis doriae LM05, JT12
                            |    `--Erythrotriorchis LM05
                            |         |--E. buergersi JT12
                            |         `--E. radiatus (Latham 1801) (see below for synonymy) WS48
                            `--+--Kaupifalco monogrammicus JT12
                               `--+--+--‘Melierax’ gabar JT12
                                  |  `--‘Accipiter’ superciliosus JT12
                                  `--+--Urotriorchis macrourus JT12
                                     `--Melierax [incl. Micronisus; Melieraxinae] LM05
                                          |--‘Micronisus’ badius Bu66
                                          |--M. canorus JT12
                                          |--M. metabates von Heuglin 1861 (see below for synonymy) S05
                                          `--M. poliopterus JT12

Accipitridae incertae sedis:
  Titanohierax borrasi WH02
  Palaeoborus rosatus FP64
  Asturina Vieillot 1816 [Asturininae] B94
    |--A. magnirostris SS66
    `--A. nitida S18
  Cruschedula Ameghino 1899 [Cruschedulidae] S72
    `--*C. revola Ameghino 1899 S72
  Aquilavus Lambrecht 1933 M02
    `--*A. depredator (Milne-Edwards 1871) (see below for synonymy) M02
  Palaeocircus Milne-Edwards 1871 M02
    `--*P. cuvieri Milne-Edwards 1871 M02
  Palaeohierax Milne-Edwards 1871 M02
    `--*P. gervaisii (Milne-Edwards 1863) [=Aquila gervaisii] M02
  Garganoaetus Ballmann 1973 M02
    |--*G. freudenthali Ballmann 1973 M02
    `--G. murivorus Ballmann 1973 M02
  Buthierax Kretzoi 1977 M02
    `--*B. pouliani Kretzoi 1977 M02
  Uroaetus audax (Latham 1801) [=Vultur audax; incl. Aquila audax carteri Mathews 1912] WS48
  Helicolestes hamatus JT12

*Aquilavus depredator (Milne-Edwards 1871) [=Aquila depredator, Eutolmaetus depredator, Nisaetus depredator] M02

Erythrotriorchis radiatus (Latham 1801) [=Falco radiatus; incl. E. rufotibia Campbell 1911] WS48

Macheiramphus Bonaparte 1850 WH02, B94 [=Machaeramphus Westerman 1851 B94; Machaeramphinae, Macheiramphinae]

Melierax metabates von Heuglin 1861 [incl. Falco (Nisus) polyzonus Rüppell 1836, F. polegonatus ms] S05

Neophron Savigny 1809 LM05, B94 [incl. Percnopterus Rafinesque 1815 B94; Neophroninae, Percnopterinae]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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