Female of Notoedres cati, from here.

Belongs within: Teinocoptinae.

Notoedres is a genus of scabies mites, divisible between the subgenera Notoedres (with bodies no higher than wide in the females) and Bakeracarus (with dorsoventrally elongate immatures and coxal apodemes I parallel but not fused in the females). All Bakeracarus and many Notoedres are parasites of bats, but some species of subgenus Notoedres within the clades containing N. cati and N. pahangi are parasites of rodents, primates or carnivorans, while N. indicus is a parasite of the house shrew Suncus murinus.

Characters (from Klompen 1992): Delay in addition of setae h2 to protonymph; setae ps1 and ps2 absent in all stages; male with genital apodemes present, setae kT III-IV thin spines or filiform.

<==Notoedres Railliet 1893 K92
    |--N. (Notoedres) (see below for synonymy) K92
    |    |  i. s.: N. (N.) indicus (Fain & Lukoschus 1976) [=*Suncicoptes indicus] K92
    |    |--N. (N.) africanus (Fain 1959) [=Chirnyssus africanus] K92
    |    |--N. (N.) benoiti Fain 1959 K92
    |    |--N. (N.) namibiensis Klompen 1992 K92
    |    |--N. (N.) tadaridae Fain 1959 [incl. N. dohanyi Klompen et al. 1983] K92
    |    |--N. (N.) yunkeri Fain 1962 K92
    |    |--+--N. (N.) alexfaini Lavoipierre 1968 [incl. N. longisetosus Lavoipierre 1968] K92
    |    |  `--N. (N.) cheiromeles Fain 1959 K92
    |    |--+--N. (N.) elongatus Fain 1963 [=N. (*Neonotoedres) elongatus] K92
    |    |  `--N. (N.) rajamanickami Lavoipierre 1968 K92
    |    |--+--N. (N.) dewitti Klompen, Lukoschus et al. 1983 K92
    |    |  |--N. (N.) ismaili Klompen, Lukoschus et al. 1983 K92
    |    |  |--N. (N.) ovatus Dusbabek 1980 K92
    |    |  `--N. (N.) tristis Fain & Marshall 1977 K92
    |    |--+--N. (N.) oudemansi Fain 1965 K92
    |    |  `--+--N. (N.) pseudomuris Lavoipierre 1968 K92
    |    |     `--+--N. (N.) galagoensis Fain 1963 K92
    |    |        |--N. (N.) jamesoni Lavoipierre 1964 K92
    |    |        |--N. (N.) pahangi Klompen, Lukoschus et al. 1983 K92
    |    |        `--N. (N.) paucipilis (Lawrence 1960) [=*Mysarcoptes paucipilis] K92
    |    |--+--N. (N.) muris Megnin 1877 [incl. N. alepis Railliet & Lucet 1893] K92
    |    |  `--+--+--N. (N.) centrifera Jansen 1963 (see below for synonymy) K92
    |    |     |  `--+--*N. (N.) cati (Hering 1838) [=Sarcoptes cati; incl. N. caniculi Gerlach 1857] K92
    |    |     |     `--N. (N.) musculi (Krämer 1865) [=Sarcoptes musculi] K92
    |    |     `--+--N. (N.) mimetilli Fain 1959 K92
    |    |        `--+--N. (N.) chiropteralis (Trouessart 1896) (see below for synonymy) K92
    |    |           `--N. (N.) schoutedeni Fain 1959 [=Bakeracarus schoutedeni] K92
    |    `--+--N. (N.) philippinensis Klompen 1992 K92
    |       `--+--N. (N.) miniopteri Fain 1959 [=N. (Metanotoedres) miniopteri] K92
    |          `--+--N. (N.) verheyeni Fain 1959 [=N. (Metanotoedres) verheyeni] K92
    |             `--+--N. (N.) myoticola (Fain 1959) [=Chirnyssus myoticola] K92
    |                |--N. (N.) myotis (Hedeen 1953) [=Sarcoptes myotis] K92
    |                |--N. (N.) nigricans Klompen 1992 K92
    |                `--N. (N.) roesleri Vitzthum 1932 K92
    `--N. (Bakeracarus Fain 1959) K92
         |--N. (B.) coreanus Ah 1975 K92
         |--N. (B.) helicothrix Fain & Lukoschus 1975 K92
         |--+--N. (B.) paraguayensis Klompen 1992 K92
         |  `--N. (B.) plecoti Fain 1959 [=N. (Notoedres) plecoti] K92
         `--+--N. (*B.) lasionycteris (Boyd & Bernstein 1950) (see below for synonymy) K92
            |--N. (B.) anisothrix Fain & Lukoschus 1975 [=N. lasionycteris anisothrix] K92
            `--+--N. (B.) corynorhini (Fain 1961) (see below for synonymy) K92
               `--+--N. (B.) americanus Klompen 1992 K92
                  `--N. (B.) eptesicus Fain & Lukoschus 1971 [=N. lasionycteris eptesicus] K92

Notoedres (Bakeracarus) corynorhini (Fain 1961) [=Bakeracarus lasionycteris corynorhini, N. lasionycteris corynorhini] K92

Notoedres (*Bakeracarus) lasionycteris (Boyd & Bernstein 1950) [=Sarcoptes lasionycteris, Teinocoptes lasionycteris; incl. N. lasionycteris intermedius (Dusbabek 1970), N. lasionycteris minimus (Dusbabek 1970)] K92

Notoedres (Notoedres) [incl. Chirnyssus Fain 1959, Jansnotoedres Fain 1965, Metanotoedres Fain 1959, Mysarcoptes Lawrence 1960, Neonotoedres Fain 1963, Suncicoptes Fain & Lukoschus 1976] K92

Notoedres (Notoedres) centrifera Jansen 1963 [=N. (*Jansnotoedres) centrifera; incl. N. douglasi Lavoipierre 1964] K92

Notoedres (Notoedres) chiropteralis (Trouessart 1896) [=Sarcoptes chiropteralis, Prosopodectes chiropteralis; incl. Bakeracarus schoutedeni hyatti Fain 1963, Notoedres vanschaiki Van Eyndhoven 1946] K92

*Type species of generic name indicated


[K92] Klompen, J. S. H. 1992. Phylogenetic relationships in the mite family Sarcoptidae (Acari: Astigmata). Miscellaneous Publications, Museum of Zoology, University of Michigan 180: i-vi, 1-154.

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