Black-collared barbet Lybius torquatus from South Africa, photographed by Giuliano Gerra and Silvio Sommazzi.

Belongs within: Piciformes.

The Ramphastidae contain the toucans, Neotropical frugivorous birds with distinctive large, canoe-shaped bills. Many authors also include the pantropical barbets in this family.

    |--Baillonius bailloni MMJ03
    |--Psilopogon MMJ03
    |--Andigena laminirostris A61
    |--Aulacorhynchus prasinus FP64
    |    |--A. p. prasinus FS55
    |    `--A. p. stenorhabdus FS55
    |--Aulacoramphus G66
    |    |--A. atrigularis G66
    |    |--A. caeruleigularis G66
    |    `--A. cyanolaemus Gould 1866 G66
    |--Trachyphonus Ranzani 1821 MMJ03, M02 [incl. Capitonides Ballmann 1969 M02; Trachyphonidae]
    |    |--T. erythrocephalus FP64
    |    |--T. europeus (Ballmann 1969) [=*Capitonides europeus] M02
    |    |--T. margaritatus (Cretzschmar 1828) [=Bucco margaritatus, Micropogon margaritatus] S05
    |    `--T. protractus (Ballmann 1983) [=Capitonides protractus] M02
    |--Selenidera MMJ03
    |    |--S. culik MMJ03
    |    |--S. langsdorfi SS66
    |    |--S. maculirostris MMJ03
    |    `--S. reinwardtii PT03
    |--Pteroglossus Illiger 1811 [Pteroglossidae] B94
    |    |--P. aracari MMJ03
    |    |--P. bitorquatus A61
    |    |--P. castanotis SS66
    |    |--P. humboldtii SS66
    |    |--P. torquatus FS55
    |    `--P. viridis A61
    |--Lybius Hermann 1783 MMJ03, B94 (see below for synonymy)
    |    |--L. bidentatus FP64
    |    |--L. guifsobalito Hermann 1783 (see below for synonymy) S05
    |    |--‘Pogonias’ saltii Swainson 1837 S05
    |    |--L. torquatus A61
    |    |--L. undatus (Rüppell 1837) [=Pogonias undatus] S05
    |    |    |--L. u. undatus S05
    |    |    `--L. u. thiogaster Neumann 1903 S05
    |    `--‘Pogonias’ vieilloti D66
    |--Ramphastos Linnaeus 1758 B94
    |    |--R. ambiguus MMJ03
    |    |--R. culminatus SS66
    |    |--R. cuvieri SS66
    |    |--R. sulfuratus FP64
    |    |--R. swainsonii KK05
    |    |--R. toco PT03
    |    `--R. vitellinus MMJ03
    `--Pogoniulus Lafresnaye 1844 M02
         `--P. chrysoconus B93
              |--P. c. chrysoconus B93
              `--P. c. extoni (Layard 1871) [=Barbatula extoni] B93

Lybius Hermann 1783 MMJ03, B94 [incl. Pogonias Illiger 1811 non Lacépède 1802 B94, Pogonorhynchus van der Hoeven 1833 B94; Pogoniidae, Pogonorhynchidae]

Lybius guifsobalito
Hermann 1783 [incl. L. abyssinicus, L. habessinicus, Pogonias brucii Rüppell 1837, Phytotoma tridactyla] S05

*Type species of generic name indicated


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