European bee-eater Merops apiaster, photographed by Vadim Onishchenko.

Belongs within: Anomalogonatae.
Contains: Alcedines.

The name Coraciiformes is here used for a clade supported by molecular analysis (Hackett et al. 2008) containing the majority of species generally assigned to this order (but excluding the Leptosomidae and Bucerotes). Members of this group are insectivorous or carnivorous birds with syndactyly (fusion) of at least part of the length of the third and fourth toes.

    |  i. s.: Cittura cyanotis R02
    |           |--C. c. cyanotis R02
    |           `--C. c. sanghirensis R02
    |--Alcediniformes [Alcedinides] M04
    |    |--Quasisyndactylus Mayr 1998 M04
    |    |    `--*Q. longibrachis Mayr 1998 M02
    |    `--+--Alcedines M04
    |       `--Meropidae [Meropes, Meropides] M04
    |            |--Nyctiornis Jardine & Selby 1830 [Nyctiornithidae] B94
    |            |--Melittophagus FP64
    |            |    |--M. bullockoides FP64
    |            |    `--M. bulocki A61
    |            `--Merops Linnaeus 1758 M02 (see below for synonymy)
    |                 |--M. aegyptius S66
    |                 |--M. apiaster BF01
    |                 |--M. bullockoides BF01
    |                 |--M. leschenaulti RD02
    |                 |--M. nubicus HK08
    |                 |--M. orientalis S02
    |                 |--M. ornatus WBSJ82
    |                 |--M. persica BF01
    |                 |--M. philippinus VP89
    |                 |--M. pusillus BF01
    |                 |--M. quinticolor W66
    |                 |--M. radoboyensis (Meyer 1865) (see below for synonymy) M02
    |                 |--M. savignyi S66
    |                 |--M. superciliosus S66
    |                 |--M. vaillantii S66
    |                 `--M. viridis EA06
    |                      |--M. v. viridis W66
    |                      `--M. v. ferrugiceps Hodgson 1844 W66
    `--+--Primobucconidae M05
       `--+--Eocoracias Mayr & Mourer-Chauviré 2000 [Eocoraciidae] MM-C00
          |    `--*E. brachyptera Mayr & Mourer-Chauviré 2000 MM-C00
          `--Coracioidea MM-C00
               |--Geranopteridae MM-C00
               |    |--Cryptornis Milne-Edwards 1871 MM-C00, M02
               |    |    `--*C. antiquus (Gervais 1852) [=Centropus antiquus] M02
               |    `--Geranopterus Milne-Edwards 1892 [Geranopteridae] MM-C00
               |         |--*G. alatus Milne-Edwards 1892 M02
               |         |--G. bohemicus (Mlíkovský 1999) [=Nupharanassa bohemica] MM-C00
               |         `--G. milneedwardsi Mayr & Mourer-Chauviré 2000 MM-C00
               `--+--Brachypteraciidae [Brachypteraciinae] MM-C00
                  |    |--Brachypteracias Lafresnaye 1834 MM-C00
                  |    |    `--B. leptosomus MM-C00
                  |    `--+--Uratelornis chimaera MM-C00, FP64
                  |       |--Geobiastes Sharpe 1871 MM-C00
                  |       |    `--G. squamigera [=Brachypteracias squamigera] MM-C00
                  |       `--Atelornis Pucheran 1846 MM-C00, B94 [Atelornithinae]
                  |            |--A. crossleyi MM-C00
                  |            `--A. pittoides FP64
                  `--Coraciidae [Coraciinae] MM-C00
                       |--Coracias Linnaeus 1758 M04
                       |    |--C. abyssinica MM-C00
                       |    |--C. caudata HK08
                       |    |--C. garrulus Linnaeus 1758 M02
                       |    `--C. spatulata Trimen 1880 B95
                       `--Eurystomus Vieillot 1816 [Eurystominae] B94
                            |--E. glaucurus MM-C00
                            |    |--E. g. glaucurus MM-C00
                            |    `--E. g. afer MM-C00
                            |--E. gularis MM-C00
                            |--E. madagascariensis S66
                            |--E. orientalis I92
                            |    |--E. o. orientalis I92
                            |    `--E. o. calonyx Sharpe 1890 I92
                            `--E. pacificus (Latham 1801) R85 [=E. orientalis pacificus HR96]

Merops Linnaeus 1758 M02 [incl. Apiaster Brisson 1760 B94, Melittotheres Boie 1828 B94, Phlotrus Reichenbach 1852 B94; Apiasteridae, Apiastriidae, Melittotheridae, Phlotridae]

Merops radoboyensis (Meyer 1865) [=Fringilla radoboyensis, Batrachites radoboyensis ms, Pelophilus radoboyensis ms] M02

*Type species of generic name indicated


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