Eurasian nuthatch Sitta europaea, photographed by Paweł Kuźniar.

Belongs within: Muscicapoidea.
Contains: Troglodytidae.

The Certhioidea is a clade of passerine birds supported by molecular analyses, uniting the families Certhiidae, Sittidae and Troglodytidae. Certhioids are small, mostly dull-coloured birds that generally feed by gleaning insects off vegetation, though Sittidae also eat seeds.

    |--+--+--Troglodytidae BB05
    |  |  `--Palaeoscinis [Palaeoscinidae] FP64
    |  |       `--P. turdirostris FP64
    |  `--Polioptilinae B94
    |       |--Ramphocaenus Vieillot 1819 [Ramphocaeninae] B94
    |       |--Microbates A61
    |       `--Polioptila Sclater 1855 BC04, B94
    |            |  i. s.: P. buffoni SS66
    |            |         P. leucogastra SS66
    |            |         P. plumbea [incl. Culicivora atricapilla] B94
    |            |--*P. caerulea (Linné 1766) B94, JF06, B94 [=Motacilla caerulea B94]
    |            `--+--P. albiloris JF06
    |               `--+--P. nigriceps JF06
    |                  `--+--P. californica JF06
    |                     `--P. melanura JF06
    `--+--Certhiidae BB05
       |    |--Salpornis Gray 1847 [Salpornithinae] B94
       |    |    `--S. spilonotus A61
       |    `--Certhia Linnaeus 1758 [Certhiinae] M02
       |         |--C. americana FP64
       |         |--C. brachydactyla HK02
       |         `--C. familiaris Linnaeus 1758 M02
       `--Sittidae BB05
            |--Tichodroma Illiger 1811 [Tichodromidae, Tichodrominae] B94
            |    `--T. muraria FP64
            `--Sitta Linnaeus 1758 [Sittinae] M02
                 |  i. s.: S. magna Ramsay 1876 S89
                 |         S. neglecta Walden 1870 S89
                 |         S. senogalliensis Portis 1887 M02
                 |--+--S. europaea Linnaeus 1758 JF06, M02
                 |  `--+--S. carolinensis JF06
                 |     `--S. himalayensis JF06
                 `--+--S. frontalis JF06
                    `--+--S. pygmaea JF06
                       `--+--+--S. krueperi JF06
                          |  `--S. ledanti JF06
                          `--+--S. canadensis JF06
                             `--+--S. villosa JF06
                                `--S. whiteheadi JF06

*Type species of generic name indicated


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