Galerida cristata

Crested lark Galerida cristata, photographed by Petr Mückstein.

Belongs within: Alaudidae.

The crested lark Galerida cristata is a polytypic species found in temperate Eurasia and northern Africa. It is mostly dark-streaked grey above and whitish below, with reddish underwings and an erectile crest.

<==Galerida cristata (Linnaeus 1758) L03 [=Alauda cristata M02]
    |--G. c. cristata (see below for synonymy) L03
    |--G. c. alexanderi Neumann 1908 L03
    |--G. c. altirostris (Brehm 1855) (see below for synonymy) L03
    |--G. c. cinnamomina Hartert 1904 L03
    |--G. c. festae Hartert 1922 L03
    |--G. c. halfae Nicoll 1921 L03
    |--G. c. isabellina Bonaparte 1850 (see below for synonymy) L03
    |--G. c. maculata (Brehm 1858) [=Galerita cristata maculata; incl. Galerida cristata imami Meinertzhagen 1923] L03
    |--G. c. meridionalis Brehm 1841 [=Galerita cristata planorum Brehm 1858] L03
    |--G. c. nigricans (Brehm 1855) [=Galerita nigricans; incl. Galerida cristata deltae Hartert 1897] L03
    |--G. c. pallida (Brehm 1858) [=Galerita cristata pallida; incl. Galerita cristata angustistriata Brehm 1858] L03
    |--G. c. riggenbachi Hartert 1902 L03
    `--G. c. zion Meinertzhegen 1920 L03

Galerida cristata altirostris (Brehm 1855) [=Galerita altirostris; incl. Galerida cristata brachyura, Galerida cristata caroli Hartert 1904, Galerida cristata tardinata Hartert 1904] L03

Galerida cristata cristata (Linnaeus 1758) [incl. Galerita cristata gallica Brehm 1858, Galerida karinthiaca Brehm 1841, Galerida major Brehm 1841, Galerida pagorum Brehm 1841, Galerita cristata tenuirostris Brehm 1858, Galerida viarum Brehm 1831] L03

Galerida cristata isabellina Bonaparte 1850 [incl. Galerita flava crassirostris Brehm 1858, Galerita flava Brehm 1854, Galerita lutea Brehm 1855, Galerita flava tenuirostris Brehm 1858 non G. cristata tenuirostris Brehm 1858] L03

*Type species of generic name indicated


[L03] LeCroy, M. 2003. Type specimens of birds in the American Museum of Natural History. Part 5. Passeriformes: Alaudidae, Hirundinidae, Motacillidae, Campephagidae, Pycnonotidae, Irenidae, Laniidae, Vangidae, Bombycillidae, Dulidae, Cinclidae, Troglodytidae, and Mimidae. Bulletin of the American Museum of Natural History 278: 1-156.

[M02] Mlíkovský, J. 2002. Cenozoic Birds of the World. Part 1: Europe. Ninox Press: Praha.

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