Spotted crake Porzana porzana, from here.

Belongs within: Gallinula.

Porzana is one of the primary genera of crakes, short-billed rails without significant aquatic adaptations (Livezey 1998). The phylogenetic analysis of Livezey (1998) indicated that the species included in Porzana form a paraphyletic grade within which are nested more derived aquatic groups such as the coots (Fulica) and moorhens (Gallinula).

<==Porzana Vieillot 1816 CC10
    |  i. s.: P. astrictocarpus Olson 1973 L98
    |         P. estramosi Jánossy 1979 [incl. P. estramosi veterior Jánossy 1979] M02
    |         P. keplororum Olson & James 1991 L98
    |         P. menehune Olson & James 1991 L98
    |         P. nigra HSS13
    |         P. ralphorum Olson & James 1991 L98
    |         P. rua Steadman 1986 L98
    |         P. severnsi Olson & James 1991 L98
    |         P. ziegleri Olson & James 1991 L98
    |--P. carolina (Linnaeus 1758) L98 [=Rallus carolinus G-RGT14]
    `--+--*P. porzana (Linnaeus 1766) CC10, L98, M02 [=Rallus porzana M02]
       `--P. fluminea Gould 1842 L98, G-RGT14 [=Ortygometra fluminea CC10]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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[G-RGT14] Garcia-R, J. C., G. C. Gibb & S. A. Trewick. 2014. Deep global evolutionary radiation in birds: diversification and trait evolution in the cosmopolitan bird family Rallidae. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 81: 96–108.

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[M02] Mlíkovský, J. 2002. Cenozoic Birds of the World. Part 1: Europe. Ninox Press: Praha.

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