Common whitethroat Sylvia communis, photographed by Christodoulos Makris.

Belongs within: Sylvioidea.

Sylvia is a genus of warblers found in Eurasia and Africa. Though long treated as the type genus of the 'warbler family' Sylviidae, more recent studies have indicated that Sylvia is not closely related to other 'warbler' genera.

<==Sylvia Scopoli 1769 M02 [incl. Alsoecus Kaup 1829 B94, Philomela Link 1806 B94; Alsoecinae]
    |  i. s.: S. aquatica N66
    |         S. bonelli Dr66
    |         S. cetti Dr66
    |         S. cinerea Do66
    |         S. trochiloides Do66
    |--+--S. atricapilla (Linnaeus 1758) JF06, M02 [=Motacilla atricapilla M02]
    |  `--S. borin JF06
    `--+--S. nisoria JF06
       |--Parisoma JF06
       |    |--P. boehmi [=Sylvia boehmi] JF06
       |    `--+--P. layardi Hartlaub 1862 JF06, B93 [=Sylvia layardi JF06]
       |       |    |--P. l. layardi B93
       |       |    `--P. l. aridicola Winterbottom 1958 B93
       |       `--P. subcaeruleum [=Sylvia subcaerulea] JF06
       |--+--+--S. curruca JF06
       |  |  `--+--S. althaea JF06
       |  |     |--S. margelanica JF06
       |  |     `--S. minula JF06
       |  `--+--S. leucomelaena JF06
       |     |--+--S. buryi JF06
       |     |  `--S. lugens JF06
       |     `--+--S. crassirostris JF06
       |        `--S. hortensis JF06
       `--+--+--S. deserti JF06
          |  `--S. nana JF06
          `--+--S. communis Latham 1787 JF06, M02
             |--+--+--S. balearica JF06
             |  |  `--S. sarda JF06
             |  `--+--S. deserticola JF06
             |     `--S. undata JF06
             `--+--+--S. melanothorax JF06
                |  `--S. rueppelli JF06
                `--+--S. cantillans JF06
                   `--+--S. melanocephala JF06
                      `--S. mystacea JF06

*Type species of generic name indicated


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