Andean condors Vultur gryphus, photographed by Gabriel Rojo.

Belongs within: Anomalogonatae.

The Cathartae include the New World vultures and condors of the Cathartidae, as well as the fossil Teratornithidae. Cathartids are specialised scavengers, but teratorns were active predators.

    |--Teratornithidae [Teratornithi] FP64
    |    |--Argentavis magnificens Campbell & Tonni 1980 AH03
    |    `--Teratornis C01
    |         |--T. incredibilis FP64
    |         `--T. merriami C01
    `--Cathartidae [Vulturidae] B94
         |--Parasarcoramphus Mourer-Chauviré 2002 M05
         |--Eocathartes Lambrecht 1935 FP64, M02
         |    `--*E. robustus Lambrecht 1935 M02
         |--Sarcoramphus Duméril 1806 [Sarcoramphidae] B94
         |    `--S. papa ZJM03
         |--Coragyps Geoffroy St.-Hilaire 1853 [Coragypidae] B94
         |    `--C. atratus ZJM03
         |--Diatropornis Oberholser 1899 M05 [=Tapinopus Milne-Edwards 1892 (preoc.) M02]
         |    `--*D. ellioti (Milne-Edwards 1892) [=*Tapinopus ellioti] M02
         |--Cathartes Illiger 1811 B94
         |    |--C. aura C76
         |    `--C. californianus S66
         |--Gymnogyps FP64
         |    |--G. amplus FP64
         |    `--G. californianus ZJM03
         `--Vultur Linnaeus 1758 B94
              |--*V. gryphus Linnaeus 1758 B94, C04
              |--V. fossilis Keferstein 1834 M02
              `--V. umbrosus (Cope 1874) [=Cathartes umbrosus] C76

*Type species of generic name indicated


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