Hermit thrush Catharus guttatus, photographed by Daniel Berganza.

Belongs within: Muscicapoidea.
Contains: Zoothera, Turdus.

The Turdinae contains the thrushes, medium-sized passerine birds with unscaled tarsi (Austin 1961). Most thrushes are fairly dull-coloured, but are often notable singers. Past authors have also included the chats, robins and related birds in the Turdinae, but those species are now regarded as more closely related to the Muscicapinae.

    |  i. s.: Kittacincla A61
    |           |--K. macroura [=Turdus macrourus] W66
    |           `--K. malabarica A61
    |         Phaeornis FP64
    |           |--P. obscurus USDI77
    |           |    |--P. o. obscurus USDI77
    |           |    |--P. o. myadestina USDI77
    |           |    `--P. o. rutha USDI77
    |           `--P. palmeri USDI77
    |--+--Myadestes Swainson 1838 JF06, B94 [Myadestinae]
    |  |    |--M. obscurus FS55
    |  |    |    |--M. o. obscurus FS55
    |  |    |    `--M. o. oberholseri FS55
    |  |    |--M. ralloides JF06
    |  |    |--M. townsendi JF06
    |  |    `--M. unicolor JF06
    |  `--+--Stizorhina JF06
    |     |    |--S. finschi [=Neocossyphus finschi] JF06
    |     |    `--S. fraseri [=Neocossyphus fraseri] JF06
    |     `--Neocossyphus Fischer & Reichenow 1884 JF06, B94 [Neocossyphinae]
    |          |--N. poensis JF06
    |          `--N. rufus JF06
    |--+--Grandala Hodgson 1843 JF06, B94 [Grandalinae]
    |  |    `--G. coelicolor JF06
    |  `--Sialia Swainson 1827 JF06, B94 [Sialiinae]
    |       |--S. mexicanus JF06
    |       `--+--S. currucoides JF06
    |          `--S. sialis JF06
    `--+--Zoothera JF06
       `--+--+--+--Psophocichla litsipsirupa JF06
          |  |  `--Turdus JF06
          |  `--+--‘Zoothera’ sibirica JF06 [=Turdus sibiricus T89]
          |     `--+--‘Zoothera’ erythronota JF06
          |        `--+--+--‘Zoothera’ cameronensis JF06
          |           |  `--‘Zoothera’ princei JF06
          |           `--+--‘Zoothera’ gurneyi JF06
          |              `--‘Zoothera’ piaggiae JF06
          `--+--+--Chlamydochaera jefferyi Sharpe 1887 JF06, L03
             |  `--Cochoa Hodgson 1836 JF06, B94 [Cochoaninae, Cochoinae]
             |       `--C. viridis JF06
             `--+--Ixoreus JF06
                |    |--I. naevius [=Zoothera naevia] JF06
                |    `--I. varius WM01
                `--+--+--Cichlopsis leucogenys JF06
                   |  `--Entomodestes JF06
                   |       |--E. coracinus JF06
                   |       `--E. leucotis JF06
                   `--+--+--Hylocichla JF06
                      |  |    |--*H. mustelina FP64 [=Catharus mustelinus JF06, Turdus mustelinus FP64]
                      |  |    `--H. ustulata G68
                      |  `--Ridgwayia pinicola [=Zoothera pinicola] JF06
                      `--Catharus JF06
                           |  i. s.: C. griseiceps Salvin 1866 S66
                           |         C. maculatus Sclater 1858 S66
                           |         C. melpomene (Cab. 1850) S66
                           |--+--C. aurantiirostris (Hartl. 1850) JF06, S66 [incl. C. immaculatus S66]
                           |  |    |--C. a. aurantiirostris FS55
                           |  |    `--C. a. bangsi FS55
                           |  |--C. dryas (Gould 1854) JF06, S66
                           |  |--C. fuscater (Lafr. 1845) JF06, S66
                           |  `--C. mexicanus JF06
                           `--+--C. ustulatus JF06
                              `--+--C. gracilirostris Salvin 1864 JF06, S66
                                 `--+--+--C. guttatus JF06 [=Hylocichla guttata FP64]
                                    |  `--C. occidentalis Sclater 1859 JF06, S66
                                    `--+--C. frantzii Cab. 1860 JF06, S66
                                       `--+--C. bicknelli JF06
                                          |--C. fuscescens JF06
                                          `--C. minimus JF06

*Type species of generic name indicated


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